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Writer: Charger

Hey guys back with a new story. I would like to thank to all those readers out there who liked my story, as you would remember, Karan, from Delhi. This story is about how I became physical with my maid whom I always thought to be a decent Indian lady. This happened when I was 20 i.e. last year.

So the story starts like this…. As normal day I was lying in my room when my mom came and told me that she was going out for shopping, and told me that maid will be coming to clean the room. Now let me tell you about that lady, her name was Payal and she was in her mid-30’s, with fully grown body. As she was there in our house for past 4 years, so I didn’t had any bad intention for her. She came around 1 pm in the afternoon. I was sleeping in my bed so I was not able to hear her voice. She was banging the door for a while then suddenly my phone rang and I woke up. I saw her number so I went and opened the door. She was standing there and seemed little angry.

I went to my room and again slept. She came and was mopping the floor; suddenly my eyes went to her boobs. I never thought that I would get a boner after seeing her boobs. She kept on mopping the floor and my eyes were stuck to those melon. Suddenly she saw me and I went into my blanket. My mom returned from shopping. I was too afraid that if she tells this to my mother then I am gone… But to my surprise she kept numb. This went on for few weeks. Then slowly - slowly she started to open up. One day while cleaning my room she saw my pole which was making tent inside the blanket. She laughed and went on cleaning the room. That day I masturbated 3 times.

Next day to my surprise she came to my room and was scratching her private place. I was not able to control myself and masturbated in my pants. She told me to give me the pants so that she can wash it. I gave her, my cum dripped pants. She looked inside and smelled it and gave a naughty smile and went. This went on for few months.

Suddenly one day my mom and dad planned to go out of state for vacations. So they left for the place and left me behind for the security purpose. I was eagerly waiting for Payal to come. She came and asked where my parents are. I told her that they have gone out of state. She immediately turned around and went away. I couldn’t figure out why. She returned in the evening and told me that she has called my mother that she can stay in this house as I don’t know to cook, so she will make it for me, by this she can also make some more cash.

I was surprise and she came inside the house. She went to the washroom and changed into nightie which she has brought with her. She prepared my food and sat near me. We started talking, I made her a nasty women I’ll tell u later the reason.
We chatted on normal topic. Then suddenly she shifted the topic on my GF. She asked me how our relationship is going. While talking she leaned forward and sat like this. She was not wearing anything inside. So I can see her milk container, whoa what a firm boob. She noticed my tent. And asked me what that is in my pant. I felt embarrassed, she put her hand on my tool and started to caress. I slowly went near her and kissed her. She felt so good and told me that she never had this kiss before. So we started our sex game. She opened her nightie and what a scene a fully nude lady with firm boobs and cleaned shaved pussy.

I let her lie on the bed and asked her put her legs on my shoulder. I spread her legs and kissed her love lips and she gave a small moan. I started to lick the holes and put a finger in her mouth and squeezing her melon with the other hand. Oh what a feeling. She was moaning aahhmmmm mmhhhaaaaaahhh “don’t stop, carry on more moreeeeeeee” aahahah aaaaaaahhhhhh mhhhhhh. And suddenly she shot her juice in my face. I drank all that juice. Then she took me to the wash room and asked me lie down on the floor. She sat on my face and said to lick. She told that she’s going to piss and didn’t give me the chance to move and pissed all over my face and I drank it like a thirsty person. I said that I’ll take the revenge. I gave her a glass of cold soft drink and added a high dose of laxative.

Then I took her to the room and opened my pant and put my tool in her mouth. She didn’t know about the laxative. She was sucking my tool. Then I went down and put my cock on her love hole. I was rubbing on her clits and she was pleading to put in her, then suddenly with a huge thrust I put my cock in her. She jumped from bed and started to cry and said to do slowly as she had not done sex for a long time so her pussy was tight like a virgin.

Then I started to abuse her and she started to enjoy my pounding, ohh ahhha eehhh ho, I took out my cock and she said to not to do that again when I entered her again she let eeeehhhhhh oohh uhhh. Suddenly she farted and said that she want to poop. I told her that this is her punishment and she have to control. To increase her problem, I took her to the washroom and applied some lube on my cock and on her ass crack. She got shocked.

And said no, cause if I penetrate now definitely she’s going to ooze out shit. But I was in no mood to listen; I put my cock head at the entrance on her ass crack. And pushed inside her ass, my cock head went inside her, she screamed. Then slowly I started thrusting my cock inside her. She started to moan like hell oh yeah….. Please no……. it’s hurting…….. Then my whole cock slipped inside her, she gave a huge moan (ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh) .

Then I started to give the to and fro motion oh ah huoooo….. I continued to ram her, now she was at her verge and said that if I didn’t stop she’s going to poop. I didn’t listen and buried my cock deep inside her. I could feel some hot material on my cock head. This made me hornier and I started my part of ramming. Suddenly she gave a moan and started to poop and hot shit was flowing out of her crack and I was ramming her, what a feeling and sound. Whole washroom was smelling like shit but I was enjoying I was quite surprise how much she was oozing out. I took some of the shit in my hand and put it on asshole pushed inside her with my cock.

This all went for an hour and I came inside her, my cum and her shit were flowing from that hole. I also asked her to clean my cock by sucking it up. She did it.Then we had shower, while having shower I inserted my cock in her pussy and then had my shower at the end I shoot my cum deep in her womb. We came out of shower and dressed ourselves.
This happened for next few days until my parents returned. And now if I get time I always fuck her asshole. If any girl, lady or aunty wants to have discreet and secret love making session from me can contact me at sur_karan@ymail.com , 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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