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Surrendered My Dick To My Sex Bomb Boss In Her Cabin

Writer: Arun

Hi friends. I am Arun. I'm 23 years old and I'm here to share with you my real life sex experience with a 27 year old babe Gayathri who on one side is my immediate boss and on the other side she is the wife of my sister-in-law's cousin. She is very fair complexion (lemon colour), very hot and sexy. She was in USA with her husband and has returned to India a few months back as her husband got transferred to India. She always comes to office in formals which is a coat, a formal shirt and a skirt fitting just above her knees. She always smiles at men especially her subordinates in a seductive way. We men love it but my female colleagues hate her. There are also talks that she sleeps with her boss to safeguard her job. Men call her a sex bomb and my female colleagues call her a loose character. I had no idea about what is true and what is not. So I never took part in such discussions.

One day during tea time I was standing near the corridor with my colleagues. At that time she passed us and seeing her all my colleagues dropped their heads. But I saw her and smiled and she gave back that same seductive smile. I somehow got attracted towards her for a while thought it would be great if she is really a sex bomb. A week passed by. It was a Friday evening and everyone would normally leave as early as 5:30pm. During the post tea evening session, she called me at my table and said "Stay back tonight. There is some urgent work pending to be completed." I said "Ok mam I will for sure." On that particular Friday everyone worked till 7:30pm as there was really some load of work pending.

People started leaving but I stayed back. I kept doing some work for an hour or so and suddenly around 8:45pm she once again called me and asked "Has everyone left?" I replied "Yes mam. I'm the only one left in the department." She said "Come to my cabin." Till this time I did not have even a minute doubt on her intentions. The moment I knocked the door and entered her cabin, she locked the door from inside. Her coat was hanging in her chair and the top 2 buttons of her white formal shirt were open. My body got seriously hot from inside out of tension.

With hands folded she asked me "How do I look?" I knew she wants me to compliment her looks and so I said with a bit of mouth woggle "Gorgeous mam." She said "You know what. I too like you very much and I want to show it to you tonight. Do you understand what I'm saying?" I in some joy within said "Yes mam." I would have anyway not objected to it but She, being my boss, took it for granted without even asking if its ok with me came closer, loosened my belt, opened the buttons and unzipped my pant and simultaneously asked in a low voice "What colour is your dick?" I said "Its black." She in a sensual voice said "Oh wow.. I love black dicks" She then pulled my pant and underwear down and took my dick in her hands. I could not control myself and my dick became hard and grew long in her hands.

She then went down on her knees, opened her mouth wide and dumped my thick and dark dick into her mouth. I was thrilled. I took off my shirt and threw it on the chair. My dick was soaking inside her mouth as she kept sucking it like a lollipop. She sucked it like a whore very hard and with lots of passion. I felt like cumming inside her mouth. After some serious sucking she she took my dick out of her mouth fully drenched in her saliva. She got up, pushed all their things on her table aside, sat on it with legs wide spread showing her panty through her skirt. I did not wait for her instructions as I myself got wildly hungry seeing her pink panty. I no more saw her as my boss. I saw her as my slut from thereon and decided to suck all the juice from her body before leaving home that night.

I got closer to her, lifted and pushed her skirt up to her waist removed her panty in a flash and oh my god, her pussy was so neatly shaved and there was no sign of hair around it. I dipped my middle finger inside her pussy. I kept fingering her for sometime and removed my finger and dipped it in her mouth to taste her pussy juice. I went down, opened her pussy lips and was tempted to the peak to fuck that wet pink flesh inside. I licked her pussy and slowly dipped my tongue into her pussy. It was very salty and spicy. I slowly dipped my tongue deeper and deeper in and covered her pussy with my mouth and started sucking it hard and wild like a hungry beast. She kept moaning and as I sucked hard she started screaming aaah ohhhhhhssss mmmm hhhhho suck that baby ohhh yes yes yes ohhh fuck.

Suddenly we heard someone opening the main door of the department. We did not know what to do. I quickly picked up my dress and went inside the restroom in her cabin. She lowered her skirt immediately and kicked her panty underneath her table. It was the security guard who came for rounds. From the rest room I heard her telling the security guard that she is leaving in 5 minutes. I was almost frustrated but tried to be patient. I wore my dress and came out after the security left. She turned at me and said "We need to leave. We'll meet tomorrow." Saying that she started to pack her things. But the heat in me that she created did not come down.

I walked straight to her, turned her towards me and kissed her tight. She also enjoyed the kiss. After a few seconds, I took my lips off her mouth and said "I want it tonight. I really hungry. I want to fuck that soft pink flesh tonight. I want you tonight." She immediately said "Lets go to the nearby hotel." She tried to wear her panty but I stopped her and asked her to put it in her bag and asked "Why to waste time wearing and removing in a matter of 15 minutes?" She gave me a real horny smile and dropped her panty and her coat inside her bag. There is a decent lodge just behind our office. We went there in her car leaving my bike in the office itself . It was about 10pm when we left the office. We reached the hotel by around 10:20pm.

I called home and told that I have late night work (and that's true in a sense). She too called her husband and said the same thing. On our way I asked Gayathri "Have you slept with anyone else except your husband?" She said "In USA me, my husband and his colleague John used to have threesome sex every Friday night. Sometimes we also swap our sex partners. After returning to India even sex with my husband is occasional. Life is so different from here to there. I want men to fuck me casually but its not possible here." I got fully heated up listening to this and almost lost patience.

We booked a double room for a night. The moment we entered our room both of us lost patience and we started kissing licking and sucking each other without caring what we are kissing in each other's body. Her lower lips is thick and so soft and I repeatedly sucked it deep into my mouth. She removed my shirt and I got myself nude by pulling down my pant and underwear. I then got rude and almost tore her shirt apart rather than opening the buttons one by one. She was wearing a blue designer bra which opens in the front. I removed her bra in a flash. Her boobs were big and bulky. Her upper body looked like 2 fully ripped mangoes hanging from a lemon tree. I pushed her on the bed. She is a real hot bitch on bed. I pulled her skirt down and removed it smoothly.

She was lying on the bed with hands and legs widely spread. There was not even a dot of hair both in her underarms and her pussy area and that was so tempting to bite and eat her from head to toe. I kept my dick on her pussy and it was so contrasting. Her pussy is milky white and my dick is seriously dark. It looked like an inter-racial sex and both of us desperately wanted the same. She loves black dicks and I cannot stop myself from eating a honey like body she has.

We wanted to make love and not just raw sex. So I lied besides her and both of us hugged and kissed each other randomly and rolled on the bed emotionally. In doing so I slowly crept my legs in between her legs and slowly my dick came in contact with her pussy. I pushed it in and initially my dick went inside her like piercing butter with a knife. It was so soft wet and hot inside her pussy. Then after the initial penetration it got tight and I pushed my dick harder and harder and slowly I dipped my dick fully into her pussy. It was so fully immersed in her pussy that there was no gap between our waists. I hugged her tight and rolled my dick inside her pussy. My dick kept tickling as it kept rubbing the inner flesh in her pussy. It was electric.

After shaking my dick inside her pussy for sometime I wanted some erotic sex. So I raised my upper body a bit and started to move my dick back and forth inside her pussy. She started moaning mmmm ssss mmmmohhhh ahhhh. I slowly increased speed and started to crush her pussy pushing it deep and withdrawing very hard and fast. She loved it and started screaming aaaah yeah yeah yeah baby ohh ohhh ohh yes baby fuck me like that ohhh Arun baby fuck that pussy hard aaaah aaaah aaah hoooooooo. Suddenly my dick started ticking big time from inside and started to erupt. I seriously felt my white cream rushing out. I immediately fell on her and hugged her tightly and I started to scream aaaaah ohhhhh ssssss aaah mmmmm baby take that baby ohhh shit ahhhhh. I felt immense pleasure cumming inside her. It was a really extreme pleasure to cum after some hard and erotic sex.

I was so tired. I slowly removed my dick immersed in her pussy and soaked in my semen that I splashed inside her pussy. We were fully drained after a day's work and some hard and rough sex following it. I slowly slided down from her body but even in such tiredness I felt the thirst to suck her nipples. I slowly caught her left boobs, pressed it hard and placed my lips on her right nipples and sucked it for sometime and without my knowledge slept with my face over her boobs. She woke me up at 6am but I was still so tired and could not wake up. But one thing that amazed me was, as I opened my eyes in the morning I found my hand still on her left boobs and my lips on her right nipples.

She said "We need to get ready' go home and come back to office before 9:30am. Shall we start?" I lifted my head and saw her beautiful face. I wanted a kiss but doubted what she would say. I slowly asked her "Do you mind a kiss now baby?" She smiled in the same horny way and nodded her hear saying no. I immediately kissed her tight and sucked her juicy spongy thick lower lips like a mango pulp.

We finally woke up dressed ourselves and checked out the room. On the way to office, she said "After a long time I felt last night like the Friday nights in USA. I enjoyed a lot. I wont forget that night I spent with you." I replied "Even I had a blast. I seriously felt your body as a honey hood and moreover last night I completely forgot that you are my boss." She laughed loud and said "Thats actually good when it comes to nights like yesterday." I said "Yeah its an unforgettable night for me too." She dropped me in office and went home. I took my bike from the office and went back home. I felt so tired and so I bunked the office that day.

Well friends this is my real life sex story with my sex bomb boss Gayathri who in a way is my distant relative. She is a real hot slut. Thanks for reading my story "Surrendered My Dick To My Sex Bomb Boss In Her Cabin" Hope you enjoyed it. Your comments are most welcome

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