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Good To Bad

Writer: Krishnan

Hi itís Me Deepak, I from Bellary, I am fan of the DesiPapa form the past 5 years and currently I completed MBA, after reading all stories in this website. I was in need of sex and I am fan of incest and teacher stories I going to share an experience which took 6month ago. I am sorry if any mistake made as it is my 1st story in Desipapa send me the your precious comment on kinginsex008@gmail.com Now let go to the story without wasting time my GF name Shilpa fake name she is very fare and looks cute, she is the bit fat 32-30-34. She is very traditional in nature and afraid to spy with others.

As she was very close to me and she very much thinking about job and in life. She is interest in government job. And I use to visit her home for studyís and become close to her family. We use to take class to write exams and I use to watch her body parts everyday and use to masturbation everyday. As we applied for exams we got exam centre in Bangalore and I said to her that we will go to Bangalore y to trouble to parents so she agreed soon and I told in her home ill take care of her so they agreed and told us to go. As exam to 10 days to ago she use to study very hard to get select and use to call me when she reading and I use to see her body and Bellary is very hot place she use to wear t-shirts in home That day she wear very deep and broad shoulder T-Shirt. We use to study on floor.

We started studying Iím not interested in studying and I use to watch her and Iím able to see her half boobs. And she use to read not watching and some times seeing me and telling to read. Later see saw me watching her boobs told this is not fare told to read now. And I told her I see your boobs in a fear and started reading and she stared for a while and started reading later I asked a doubt while I put hand on her shoulder she stopped telling for a sec and started telling. From that time I use to put hand on your when ever I want. Exam was only 2 day to go v bus booked tickets in sleeper coach. Previous day to v left Bellary. In bus also she use to read and I sat next to her and looking her deeply.

After a while she told to read book to me and I kept my hand on shoulder and reading book. In mean while I use to massage her shoulder slowly and blowing air in her ear romantically. After a while she look in to me and to ply donít do that. I asked why. she replied simply and I canít dong on shoulder and bellow the shoulder. She started closing her eyes and me asked why youíre closing eyes. She did not reply. I canít and moving near to boobs. And I grabbed her and I kept a strong kiss to her lips for 2mint and left and sat simply. After a while I asked her hw it was show told is sweet and I love sweet. Immediately. I grabbed and kept kiss for 10 mints. That was the 1st kiss that I kept for a long. We started with French kiss later I started biting her lips slowly for a while and she started same thing, I kept tong in her mouth and locked with her tong.

We exchanged our saliva like this for 10 minutes. And I asked her I want to see u r boobs. She replied no I wont show. I replied I already seen half of your boobs thy are so white like milk color she gave smile no nodded her head and I immediately kept hand on her boobs started massaging with one hand and with another hand I kept on her hip and moving her cheddar up slowly and made her to lye on bed and removed dress till her neck. And I kissed to her left boob and massaging her right boob. Iím sucking her boobs very hard. She was in full mood slowly I kept her pinky pussy and stared massaging pus pussy now dress only whole n8 till Bangalore came Iím doing like that.

We reached Bangalore by 5 in morning it was cold about and she told Iím feeling very cold cum we vl make room soon. We went to room I took 1 room she said y 1 take for me also. I asked y she replied we I want to take bath and to change dress I told I seen every thing n8 only why another room for u and I kept hand on shoulder and we moved to room. We entered room and I locked room soon I grabbed and started kissing her and pushing her to wall and keeping kiss on her sweet lips for 10min and kissing her face neck shoulder very where till stomach. Later I lifted her and rolled her bed and started to removing her dress and mine.

I licked her legs and stopped near pussy and she refused to suck the pussy then I started licking boobs hardly for 15 to 20 minutes and she is keeping her hands in my hair pressing me tightly and making sounds like hmmmmm haaa haaaaa by keeping her hands in my hair and pressing me more towards her boobs. her pussy was already wet and now I took my dick and slowly penetrated my dick into her pussy and she was moaning in pain and started crying slowly I was pushing my dick forward and backward she started to say ahhhh fuck me hard then I started pushing my dick so fast she was moaning ahhhhhh.

I made her to sit over me and made her jump she was doing it very good while she was doing her boobs and assets were jumping and bouncing and I caught her boobs and squeezed them she shouted in pain I slowly pressed her nipples which were erect. I fucked for 1hr later she told Iím tired we we should to to exam and slpt for a while and took bath together and I will tell u in my next story and I did in bath room and after we returned to room and to bellary and hw she turned to slave to my dick. Any Bangalore or bellary girls or women can contact me at kinginsex008@gmail.com. and give feed back to my mail and if any one girl o women want Iím ready. And can contact me

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