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Writer: Krishnan

Hi, this is Krishnan born to a traditional family in a small village near Trichy. The event I am about to narrate here happened 2 years ago. To speak about me, I am a book worm and a net-maniac and hold a degree from a well reputed college in Tamilnadu. Since my child hood I believed sex is sin. A good boy should study well, score marks, rank first. The only good thing other than this is visiting temples. I was told even playing cricket and watching TV were wrong.

Unknowingly at the age of 17, my hand went inside my pants and started exploring my sexual organ. By the time I finished my XII std, I spent most of my holidays in bathroom playing with my cock as it gave me a pleasure that no other things would give. Somehow scored well in public exam and got a seat in a good college. It was a paradise in earth as I could see such a beautiful girls roaming around at least few feet apart. Days and months went on; the girls in college definitely gave me a good feast to my eyes. Unfortunately, I didnít have enough stuff to make a girl friend even after completing my second year. If a boy couldnít make a good girl friend or a lover in his college days, heíll surely fall in frustration and masturbate at least 4 times a day like me. Yeah! All I could do was, imagine a girl and jerk off in the bathroom. Seeing beautiful girls walking in pairs built stress in me and I started hating myself.

Prayers in Sacred Temples didnít get what I wanted. Sandhyavandhanam and yoga couldnít bring peace in my heart. Finally smoking and alcohol became a part in my life. Days went on.. I went home for my Diwali holidays. As ours is a joint family I woke up little late in the morning so that I can take bath after everybody finishes. I applied warm sesame oil all over my body and waited inside the bathroom and shouted for hot water. My mom told the water is yet to be boiled. I shouted angrily to bring the hot water soon as it was already 7 am. Thinking the water would come late, I moved to the corner of the bathroom and removed my under wear and started oiling my fully erect tool with only a towel in my hip. It felt so good and I started masturbating. Suddenly, to my shock! My cousin subathra came inside the bathroom to take her undergarment in the bucket that she had kept for rinsing. Seeing me holding my erect cock, blushed and ran outside saying asadu (naughty).

This beautiful doll, subathra is the youngest in our family aged 15. She is doing her 10th std in a school few kilometers away from our house. She is one of the beautiful girls in our area and everymen would never avoid taking a glance at her hot physic 30B-28-32. From the moment she saw me in the bathroom, I felt ashamed to see her face. But she spoke to me normally as usual. In the night, we all had dinner and started watching television. Me, along with Anirudh and Subathra went to upstairs for bursting crackers, flower pots, shank-chakra etc. In few minutes, Anirudh went down as he was interested only in bursting crackers and he went down for bursting it. Me and Subathra were standing upstairs and we both were in silence for sometime without speaking anything. Due to the absence of moon light, it was very dark upstairs with a dim street light. Subathra broke the silence and asked me to help her light the Flower Pot.

I lit kambi-mathapu and gave in her hand to light the flower-pot. She looked so beautiful with a traditional pattu pavadai-sattai (silk shirt & skirt). She bent down and placed fire to flower pot and gave me a little glimpse of her white cleavage.
My mind was going dirty. This private dark place injected lust in me. I started fantasizing about her. My heart was beating faster and had little sweat in my palm. I was anxious; at the same time my lust to fuck her went up my head. I didnít know how to make a move. I was trembling. God! Give peace... I couldnít control myself and at the same time I didnít have the courage to approach her. I was secretly staring at her firm milky breasts protruding. . Pre-cum has already wet my underwear. After few seconds when I took my gaze above to her face, she was already looking at me. Oops... Shocked..i was sweating all over my body.. But she pretended to be normal, lifted her skirt little above her foot and asked help to lit shank-chakra.

She lit the shank-chakra, came fast and stood near me holding my hand. You can work hard and score centum in maths. Solve shakunthala deviís hardest puzzle..But itís very hard to read a girlís mind. I didnít know whether she is doing it knowingly or unknowingly. I had no other go other than to ask for. But my heart started beating faster. I was sweating even during the cool night. My tongue was very dry and couldnít speak even a single word. Somehow developed little courage and caught her hand and pulled her very closer to me saying Ďbe careful of the fire sparksí. She smiled at me saying ĎI knowí and moved little away from me. I didnít know how to make the next move. To my luck, I caught a dragon fly sitting on the wall. I went near her and put the dragon fly inside her shirt through the back side of her neck. She started shouting louder with fear and tried to take the insect out from her cloth. But she couldnít take that out as the fly was behind her body inside the dress.

Taking it as the advantage, I went near her and asked whether I shall help. She said ok with angry face. I put my hand inside her shirt and rolled my hand all over her back. My hand didnít get anything except her bra strap. Only then I understood that the fly had fallen down even before I put my hand inside her shirt. I caressed her back for longtime pretending like searching for the insect. Somehow she understood my intention and asked whether I had caught the insect. I said no. scolding me with some angry words, she went behind the water tank and removed the shirt to take the insect out. Seeing her cute round navel and the beautiful belly, I had no any control. Putting all burdens on fate, I went near her and hugged her tight. Shocked at this, she tried to escape from my tight hug. But I was in no mood to leave her and miss this wonderful opportunity. She tried her level best to push me off. But held her tight with my strong hug and tried to kiss her lips.

She moved her face away from me and was still trying to release herself from my tight hug. ĎOnce gone is ever goneí. I never want to miss this golden chance even if the consequences are going to be bad. Hugging her tight to my body, I put my right hand on her left buttocks and pressed a little. She stood still giving no any reactions. I slowly removed her pavadai (skirt). She was wearing a pink panty with flowers drawn on it. It was worn tight that her two fleshy bums and pussy lips were parted with a beautiful cut. She closed her eyes holding my hips with her lovely hands. Seeing her positive response, i put my fingers in to her panty and rubbed her pussy lips. I then pulled her panty down up to her knees. Seeing her milky white thighs my rock hard penis grew even harder inside my inner.

I laid her down and smelled her cute little pussy. The aroma of her vaginal dirt injected more lust in my blood stream. Not wasting even a single second, I started licking her vagina and tasted every bit of her pussy. Before the situation goes messy, I want to fuck her immediately before somebody comes and interrupts my first ever lovemaking session. I unzipped my pant and took out the virgin cock that is ready to explore a heaven inside a girlís womanhood. I placed my rock hard penis in between the widely opened thighs of this beautiful baby doll. The glans of my penis kissed the mouth of her vaginal orifice. My man hood was now ready to taste the nectar preserved in her holy vaginal cave. When I pushed my little boy in to her vagina, she screamed out loud with pain and pushed me away from her and turned her body facing the ground.

Only by now I remembered that she had not even attained her puberty and her pussy was very tight and I felt very hard to penetrate this cute little virgin pussy. But my lust was creating uncontrollable sex impulses in every cell of my body. I was not in my control and my cock badly wants homage right now inside a hot, wet vaginal cave. I was not ready to miss this golden opportunity foolishly. Somehow managed and diverted my attention to the rear of her body. She had evenly shaped two bulging bums divided by a beautifully cut curve. I caressed her bums and started pressing it with my hands to my fullest satisfaction. Slowly kissed the bulging bum and bit it to my mouthful. She got tempted with my move and laid as such without any speech. I slowly chewed every inch of her bum. I caressed and licked all over her spinal cord from top to bottom. When I reached the bulky parted bums, she felt a tingling sensation when the tip of my tongue licked her good smelling round ass.

Immediately, she turned up showing the front of her body. When I looked at her face, she pretended to be innocent and kept her eyes closed. I slowly unstrapped her bra and by now I could see firm swollen breasts with a dark circle and chenna shaped erect nipples. Seeing this would definitely induce his sucking impulse. I sucked one of her nipple simultaneously playing with the other nipple. Slowly moved below and kissed her protruding belly and navel. She giggled when I licked and played on her navel with my tongue. Gradually I moved to her pubic area. She had very little pubic hairs grown on her pubic area and you can easily count the number of hairs in it. I hesitated a little to proceed further towards her little pussy as she is too young to get penetrated. Fortunately, she made a welcoming sign by pulling my head towards her pussy. She caught my hairs with her hand and pressed it firmly on her pubic region.

I got some courage and started licking the outer walls of her vagina. Suddenly, the sound of crackers brought back my sixth sense and alerted that time is running out and anybody may come up at any time. So I planned to deflower my cute little cousin as soon as possible never minding any consequences. I slowly inserted my little finger for which she reacted with painful reflexes. In few seconds I inserted my forefinger, then the middle finger and then inserted both the fingers simultaneously. Spitting some of my saliva on her pussy, I prepared her cute little pussy for penetration. Yes..Now the time has come to deflower a virgin girl. Her cute little virgin pussy was really hot and wet. Planting a firm kiss on her chubby cheek, I prepared my rock hard virgin penis to enter my little dollís pussy. Fearing whether she would scream out loud I asked her whether I can penetrate her pussy.

Understanding my hesitation, she caught my penis with her little fingers and placed it on the mouth of her vagina and showed me the gateway to heaven right inside her womanhood. I then confidently pressed my cock in to her vagina. Though I felt hard to penetrate, somehow I thrust my cock in to her tight little pussy in few seconds. Even though she didnít scream out loud tears were rolling from her eyes with pain. I didnít feel guilty about it as itís a part of every womanís life. As soon as I put my erect penis in to her cute little pussy, I felt a heavenly feeling that nobody in earth could give. In few strokes I ejaculated my seminal fluid deep into her womanhood almost on the mouth of her uterus. When I took my penis out few drops of her blood stained my penis skin. Finally, I planted a kiss on her forehead, cheeks and on her lips.

The body of two great souls had united on the festive day of diwali and I can never forget this happy diwali night in my life. I wore my pant and helped her stand up from the floor. She got up tired and stood nude in front of me. The semen that I ejaculated in to her vagina started flowing down through her thighs as she stood up. She cleaned the semen that flowed all over her thighs and wiped her vagina with her panty. I felt as if her beautiful boobs and holy cunt were inviting me for the second round. But fearing somebody would come; we finished the sex play and came down as if nothing had happened. As per nithya sree adihal ďSex is holy. The divine union of the male principle Lingam and female principle yoni is the ultimate form of worship. Never miss if opportunity favors. Nothing is illegal until you are caught. Nothing is illegal with mutual consentĒ.

Yours erotically, ggkrishnang@yahoo.com

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