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Hardcore Fucking Inside The Car With My Niece

Writer: Arun

Hi friends. My name is Arun. I'm here to share with you my real life sex experience with my niece Aishwarya. She is my cousin's daughter. Do not think that just because she is my niece she is much younger than me. Both of us are 23 years old. This is because my cousin is almost my dad's age. Better avoid the confusion inside our family and enjoy the sharing of my experience with her.

Both me and Aishwarya live in the same city. We are not in touch frequently with each other. She is really beautiful. She is wheatish complexion. I keep looking at her whenever she visits my home or vice versa. Seeing her the hunger inside me grows many bounds. Many times I get tempted to ask her directly for sex but with great difficulty I control myself. She always dresses herself in chudidhar. Since both of us are of the same age she calls me by my name.

One day there was a function at my home. The function runs for 3 days. All relatives gathered at my place for those 3 days. All my cousins also came. In the afternoon of Day 1 me and all my cousins were sitting in the balcony. As we were talking one of my cousins started a well known game called passing the parcel where we sat in a circle, music will be played and everyone should pass a ball to the person sitting next to them. When the music stops suddenly, whoever has the ball in hand should do whatever they are asked to do. 2 people got out and Aishwarya was the 3rd. Immediately one of my cousins jumped up and asked the million dollar question "While watching movies in a theatre with friends, what would you do when a kissing scene or a bedroom scene comes??" She frankly replied "I would keep watching it because I like those scenes" Everyone clapped and few even whistled hearing her frank reply. I felt a bit joyous as she was interested in these things. But I was not sure if she was also interested in doing it.

Late in the afternoon after the game got over we all dispersed and I got a chance to to talk with her alone. I tried my best to cover my intentions and greeted her for being frank. She smiled and said thanks. Seeing her smiling I suddenly out of anxiety asked her "Are you interested just in seeing such scenes or even doing it??" She got a bit shocked at this and asked me in a serious tone "Why are you asking me this??" I could have controlled myself at least here seeing her reaction but out of some force told her "I'm interested in doing it with you" She got fired up, gave me a big stare and left the place. She did not even turn towards me for the rest of the day and also till evening on Day 2.

On the evening of Day 2 I left for a nearby shop. She also left along with me. I could not understand why she wants to accompany me. On the way she told me that she did not expect me to ask such a question to her. I did not apologise and kept mum because I meant whatever I said last afternoon. After sometime she herself asked "Were you serious yesterday when you said you are interested in having sex with me?" I said I'm very much serious about it. She kept thinking for a while and on the way back home she said " OK then I'm also ready to do it with you" I was thrilled but wanted to confirm and so I asked "Are you serious now?" She said "Yes I have thought about it for 1 full day and I'm also interested in having sex with you" I stopped her immediately on road and asked if we can do it that night itself. She was scared that all relatives were present at home and what if anyone gets to know about it.

I thought for a while and got a superb idea. I asked her to come to the car shed at 2am that night. She was still afraid and asked "Why not we wait for sometime and find an apt time to do it some other day?" But I was starving to fuck her for so long. So I did not want to postpone it. I told her that we will close the car shed shutter and nobody will hear us. She thought for a while and then agreed. So we finalised the time at 2am and went back home. I also asked her to come 5-10 minutes in advance to avoid unnecessary tension and also told her that I will keep the main door unlocked so that she could come out without making any noise. She agreed and went inside home to look after other work. I could not divert myself from the excitement and kept waiting for midnight.

As it struck 1:30am I was off. I carefully opened the main door and left it in an almost shut condition for her to come out. I unlocked the car shed and was waiting for her. With 10 minutes to 2am I heard someone coming. I switched on the light in my mobile and saw her coming. I did not know how to control my emotions by held myself stiff. As she reached the shed, we lifted the shutter and went in. We did not lift the shutter fully as it would make noise. So we lifted it about 2 feet and crept in. We closed the shutter and switched on the shed light. She was in a sensualising violet nightie. I felt pumped, went near her and hugged her tight. Since we had just under 2 hours we decided to waste no time.

We got into the car and both of us were tensed. I slowly got closer to her and rubbed her thighs over her nightie. I held her back neck with the other hand and slowly went closer to kiss her. As I kept going closer my thirst kept increasing and unable to wait anymore I kissed her. She dipped her tongue into my mouth. Her saliva was very very delicious and I drank every bit of it. She also sucked my tongue very passionately. After finishing that deep kiss I removed my t-shirt and dropped it in the front seat. She loved my upper body and rubbed her hands all over my body. She then kissed, licked and bit my chest and slowly grabbed my dick over my pant. My dick already had grown long and hard. She then without wasting time put her hand inside my pant and pulled my dick out.

She kept shaking and massaging my dick. Suddenly she went down, spit on my dick, spread her saliva over my dick and started licking it. In a few seconds she put my dick into her mouth and started sucking it. I slowly lowered my pant and underwear fully and left them on the foot rest and made myself fully nude. She started sucking slowly and then gradually increased speed and sucked really wild towards the end. I loved my dick bathing in her saliva and it was a beautiful feeling to have my dick inside her mouth. I lifted her head up kissed her in sloppy manner, licked and sucked her lips and tongue. I then slowly put my hands on her boobs over her nightie. Her boobs was really big and she told me it was 34. I slowly put my hands into nightie rubbing my hands over her legs knees fleshy thighs and reached her juicy pussy.

I widened her legs and started rubbing her pussy. She felt good and started moaning mmmm sss ohhhh. I then slowly dipped my middle finger into her pussy. It was very tight as she was a virgin. It was also very hot and wet. I kept fingering her for sometime and just like she sucking my dick, I also increased the speed gradually and started digging my finger deeper and faster. She felt really exited and started screaming aaaaahhh mmmmm oooooh ohhhh uffffff. I wanted her nude. So I pulled her up and removed her nightie by lifting her hands. Upon removing her nightie, I was pleasantly shocked to see her wearing nothing inside her nightie.

Without dress she looked even more beautiful. Her boobs were cup shaped and were very tempting to eat. Her underarms were cleanly shaved but there was some hair over her pussy. Seeing her beautiful nude body my hunger became boundariless. I kept pressing her one boobs and sucked the other. I then slowly went down spread her legs, opened her pussy lips and started to lick and suck her pussy. I dug my tongue into her pink fleshy pussy hole. She felt thrilled and held the front seat tightly. Her pussy was very wet and I drank all her pussy juice that flowed out as I kept sucking it hard.

It was close to 3am and as we had to get back into the house before 4am, we decided to start our intercourse. I put my hands on her buttocks and slided her down. I spread her legs with one leg on the back seat and other on the back of the front seat and slowly slept over her. We already started sweating and I slowly kept my dick on her pussy and injected it in. It was hard to pierce her pussy hole as she was a virgin. Slowly but steadily I penetrated deep into her pussy and put my dick fully into pussy. She started shouting and screaming out of extreme pleasures and I enjoyed fucking a virgin girl. I wanted to crush her pussy to fulfil my longtime desires. So I slowly started moving my dick a bit in and out of her pussy and after sometime fucked her really wild. She was really screaming loud on getting fucked hard and wild. To reduce the noise I covered her mouth with mine and kissed her tight leaving her to just moan out the pleasure of my hungry dick inside her cunt.

In about a few minutes, I felt my cream coming out and as my dick started vibrating I could not control my exitement and I lifted her and sat on the seat with her sitting on my waist having my dick inside her pussy. I filled her pussy with my thick white cream and both of us were a bit exhausted and she was taking deep breath. Sweat was heavily dripping from our body. I love sucking women's sweat. So I removed my dick from her pussy, made her to lie down on the back seat, sat on the foot rest and sucked all her sweat from her neck, breast, waist, belly, thighs, knees and legs. Never miss out on underarm sweat. I then lifted her arms and licked all the sweat in her underarms. Her sweat was too tasty and her body was very very spicy.

I also wanted to give her the pleasures of a squirting orgasm. I first licked her navel. I dug my tongue deep into her navel and she loved it. I then opened the door, pulled her out upto her waist and slowly rubbed her pussy. I started fingering her pussy. I first dipped my middle finger and then also put my forefinger and ring finger inside her pussy. I kept fingering her tight pussy deep and fast. She kept shouting in pleasure aaaah mmmmmh oooohhh ohhhh. I then opened her pussy lips wide, licked her pussy passionately and sucked her pussy intensely. After sometime a little water flowed out of her pussy giving clear indications of an orgasm. I kept rubbing patting and massaging her pussy and suddenly she started screaming loud and a body of water splashed out of her pussy. She squirted fully on the walls of the car shed which dried before next morning. I was happy that I could give her the extreme pleasures of a squirting orgasm for the exreme sex pleasure she gave me.

Both of us thoroughly enjoyed our sex and very very satisfied with the experience. It was almost 4am. So after resting for about 5 minutes both of us dressed and went back to our rooms silently without waking up anyone. On the final day, that is Day 3, of the function both of us without any reason kept looking at each other and smiling and thank god no one noticed us or doubted us. I was extremely thrilled in having sex with Aishwarya who I was dying to fuck for months together.

Well friends this is my real life sex experience with my niece Aishwarya. Hope you enjoyed my story "Hardcore Fucking Inside The Car With My Niece" Thanks a lot for reading

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