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Isha Paid Her Debt By Fucking

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Hi Friends!!! How are you all? My Name is Harman and I am from Dehradun. This is my 4th story in DesiPapa.com. You can read my earlier experiences in desipapa by searching my name. I have received some really good responses especially from ladies and request you to please continue doing the same.

Before I tell you about my new experience let me tell you something about myself. I am 5’5’’, fair in color and medium built. I am 31 years old. Since I have my own business I keep travelling especially Delhi and Bangalore. Although I am married, still I am looking for a partner. Thanks to desipapa that I managed to have some sexual experiences with two ladies who contacted me after reading my stories. You can read them in desipapa - search by my name or e mail ID.

Okay not boring you more lets come to the real thing. Before starting my business I was working in a very reputed MNC. There I was at a senior level and I had many repartees. I also had sexual experience with one of my divorcee assistant which I posted in ISS. So this incident is after that.

Her name was Isha. She was 21 years old. Very thin and fair in color. Her stats must be 32-26-32. Quite a shy girl but with lots of ambitions and can do anything to get her work done. So here she was not very good in performing her duties and always use to get scolded for her below par performance.

Initially I did not paid attention but gradually I started noticing that whenever I use to call her she use to have that wicked smile on her face. I got to know she was very open with guys and use to share non veg jokes and talk sex with them. Although I never came to know about any of her sexual flings in our office. Anyhow time was just paasing like this and my wife also is not very much active in sex. I was missing the action and was itching to drill some pussy.

So one fine day when I came back from leaves after drooping my wife at my in laws place one of my team leader told me about a blunder which Isha had done. She had directly spoken very rudely to one of the customer and the matter had gone upto our senior management. There was online complaint also. I was asked by my boss to settle the things and win back the customer at any cost. I spoke to Isha and she was very apologetic. She knew what she done and also could not afford to lose her job. Internal enquiry went on and she was found guilty of that. I had to ask her to step down or else she will be terminated. She pleaded a lot to me.

I noticed when I called her inside my cabin she was shivering. I asked her general things about the issue. Top two buttons of her shirt were open which I was seeing for the first time and ample of her cleavage was visible. She started crying and to console her I kept my hands on her shoulder. She was leaning forward and I was having a good view of her boobs. She was wearing a cotton bra with floral prints which was holding her boobs tight. I could see her mountains moving up and down due to heavy breathing.

Anyhow I controlled myself and told her that she will have to quit the job. If she resigns willingly she will get all her dues otherwise she can be terminated. I tried telling her the difference between resigning and termination. She then told me since she is staying with her elder brother and if he comes to know that she has left the job she will be in trouble and he will send him back to village. I told her that I will help her out in getting a new job. Finally she resigned and left the job.

I told her to contact me after a week. I kept on sending her to my contacts for job but she was not getting any. She also started messaging to me in the night and I was responding to her as my wife was out. She sent me some non veg jokes to which I didn’t replied. Next day she asked me that am I angry on her and I said no. She became bolder after that and started sending me some more jokes.

Then after about a week she called me up at 5 pm and asked me to meet at CP near Palika bazaar. I asked her the reason and she said it’s urgent. She was looking to be very tense and depressed. I met her and we went to central park and sat there. She was wearing a blue top with wide neck and tight jeans which was perfectly showing her butts. You can understand how difficult is to sit on ground with these type of jeans. Her butt crack was visible deep as her top was up from her back, I can easily see her bare back and butt crack.

My dick immediately went up for a salute and she noticed the bulge in my pants. I asked het the reason for calling me up and she said she needs some money as there was time in her full and final payments. She asked me for 10k rupees and told me that she will return it in a month. I asked her you do not have a job then how will you give it back. Since she was pleading a lot and somewhere in my mind I wanted to bed her I gave her that money. She again insisted to me in helping her get a job.

In the night she again sent me a non veg joke and replied to that. We spoke to each other for some time as she came to know that my wife is not at home. Then she asked me can she pay me back by some other way and asked her what way and she just sent a winking smiley. I did not reply to that. Within 2-3 days she got a job through my references. It was a Friday afternoon when she sent me a sms that she wants to meet me in evening as she wants to give my money back. I thought I have missed my chance. I asked her to meet me at subhash nagar metro station. We met there and were roaming in market when she said that we can go to her house.

I asked her about her brother and she told that he is out of town for 3 days. I said ok and we went to her house. First she entered and then I came after 5 minutes. She asked me to sit o sofa and went in to bring water and tea. She then asked me sir please give me 5 minutes. I will take bath and come. I said ok and she went in. I started having tea and watching TV. She came back in 10 minutes and OMG!!! She was in a bathrobe which was revealing quite a lot. Her boobs were almost visible and it was only covering upper part of her thighs. Water was tricking from her hairs and she was looking damn sexy.

She smiled at me and came near to me and asked what you are looking at sir. I said boldly u r looking gorgeous and…. She said and?? I said hot…. She said thank god at last u saw me. You never paid attention to me in office. I said nothing and she sat in front of me. She was continuously looking in my eyes and had a very wicked smile on her face. Then said sir I wanted to thank you as I have got the job. I congratulated her and bent forward to shake hands with her and she also did the same revealing her boobs to me. By no I was in cloud nine as I knew that tonight I will definitely bed her. My dick started rising in my pants. And then said and I also have to pay you back your money. I asked her how you will pay back as you don’t have money with you and then she said I asked you last night the other way but you didn’t replied. I asked her ok you tell me how you will give back. What are the other ways?

She smiled, stood and turned back. I could not understand what she is doing. Then she stopped at the door of bedroom and looked back at me and smiled. I knew what she is saying. I also went in and she was sitting on the edge of bed with ropes of her robe wide open and both flaps hanging. Her boobs were now clearly visible. She was looking down towards the floor and smiling. I went near her and lifted her face. She was smiling and placed my lips on hers. We started kissing each other and I tasted her juicy lips. She smelled fresh and my tongue was rolling deep in her mouth. My right hand started exploring her boobs. Her boobs were not big but very perfect. Round with erect tits. Pink nipples were looking very sexy. I was kissing her passionately and playing with her boobs simultaneously.

With right hand I was pressing her boobs and fondling her tits. Our lips were deeply engrossed in each other and we tasted each other saliva. She was playing with my boobs over my pants and was rubbing it. Then I started kissing her from lips to down and went down up to her boobs. I sucked her boobs hard and played with them. She was moaning in pleasure and saying sir please takes all your money today. Am all your s tonight. Take interest also. I was kissing and licking her boobs.

Her pink nipples were erect by now and she was moaning in pleasure. I moved to her navel and kissed her deep there. I am a navel licker and pay special interest to that area. I kissed and sucked her deep navel for ten minutes. Then I parted her legs and went to her pussy area. It was clean shaved. I could see het tight cunt and knew that it will be a pleasurable night for me. Then I kissed her on her pussy and started lucking. She was moaning in pleasure and yelling my name. aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sirr bahut maja aa raha hai sir……… aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh sir aisa kabhi nahi hua sir……. Aur jor se karo…. Plssssss pooora ander tak chuso sir……aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh plsssssss sirrrrrr……. My tongue was deep in her pussy walls and I rolling it in well. She was very tight and wet by now.

Then I took my middle finger and slid it in. she arched her body and her back lift in air. She cried aaaahhhhhh sirrrrrr and I started finger fucking her.. isha was moaning in full pleasure and I was finger fucking her hard. Then I inserted two finger s in her wet cunt and was fucking her very fast.. she was moaning and pleading me to keep fucking her. I knew that pressure Is building inside her and she is about to cum. I increased my pace of finger sand with a loud moan she orgasm taking my name siiirrrrrrrrrr aaahhhhhhhhh aaaahhhhhhhh sirrrrrrrr aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and she released loads and loads if her juices.

I cleaned my finger and her fuck hole and came near to her and kissed her on lips. Her boobs were moving up and down due to heavy breathing. I kept on playing my hands in her hairs and she placed her hand on my dick. Feel of her hand on my dick sent a shockwave and I shivered with excitement.

She started stroking my dick with her hands. Her hands were exploring the length of my dick. She said sir kaafi bada hai aapka( your dick is big). I asked her why you don’t measure with your mouth. She came near to me and made me lay on bed. Now my dick was at 90 degrees. She bent forward and just licked my pink dick head with her tongue.

Then she took my dick completely in her mouth and was eating it like a chocolate. Her mouth was taking my dick whole in and she use to release rolling her lips completely over my dick. I was moaning in pleasure and asking isha to do it fast. She was working on my dick like a pro and gulping it whole. Her lips and tongue and were perfectly sucking and kissing my dick and I was in seventh heaven, I was holding her head with my hands and pushing it in. her mouth was moving fast over my entire length of shaft. My balls were full by now and I was about tot cum. I told isha I am about to cum and she increased her speed. With a loud moan I also sprayed my cum in her mouth and she drank all of that. She licked me dry and cleaned. We relaxed there for some time and then she went out and got the food to eat.

We had our dinner and then she asked me sir what will you have for dessert. I said to her I have not even eaten my dinner. Forget about dessert. We both laughed and she kissed me on my lips. It was time for a great fuck now. She started sucking my dick and it became rock hard again. I made her lay n bed and spread her kegs. I inserted one finger in and she pleaded me to fuck her. I placed my dick on her love hole and with one push tried to insert it in. She was very tight and it went only 2 inches.

She strained her body and closed her eyes. Her teeth crumbled with each other and were in pain. Aaahhhhhhh sir dard ho raha hai…I was in that position only for some time and let her regain her breath. When she was relaxed and she signaled me green. I took my hips back and she was rady to take whole dick in. with one push I was deep in her and she screamed loud aaaahhhhhhhhh marrr gayi mai sirrrrr….. bahut dard ho raha hai…. Ye to bahut bada hai… tears started rolling form her eyes and I fixed myself in her only. I could feel her tight pussy on my dick. Her pussy had gripped my dick well and it was like in a vacuum. She regained her breath and said sir bahut dard ho raha hai. I asked her so what and then she said pay back to karna hi hai ( I have to pay back). I asked her shall I start and she nodded in yes. I stared stroking her lightly so as not to cause her much pain. She was still in pain and was not enjoying the fuck.

With 10-15 strokes she started enjoying and her cries turned into her moans. I also started rammingher hard. Isha was very soft and wet from inside. She was a tight pussy to fuck. She was now saying dirty words.. sir aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh I am enjoyin u…pleaseeeee fuck me hard…tear away my pussyyyy……..make me your slut…..yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…….fuck me hard sirrrrrr…….please fuck me hard…..her words were encouraging me and I was fucking her hard. Then I asked her to come in doggy position and her round firm ass was too good. I entered her from back and my dick hit her womb. She was moaning in pleasure and I was drilling her pussy hard. Her thighs were touching each other and her hips were moving in unison with my strokes. I kept on fucking her for another 25 minutes.

She attained her orgasm in between and I was also about to cum. I starred stroking her pussy fast and asked het where to cum. She asked me to cum inside as she was in her safe periods. I ejected all my cum in her pussy and our cum started flowing down from her pussy.. We lay on each other and slept after 15 minutes. That night I fucked her four times including her ass. Next day I took leave and stayed with her. We kept on fucking each other till next day morning and it was three day pure fun of fuck, fuck and fuck. After that we kept on meeting and use to fuck twice in a month in hotels.

Sp friends this was my experience with Isha. Please tell me how was it? Any female interested in secret sexual relationships from any city especially Delhi and Dehradun please let me know at my e mail Id’s. Trust me it will be totally confidential. Already I have fucked two desipapa readers so please be assured of secrecy. Please mail me your valuable feedback at hharman2011@gmail.com and hharman2011@yahoo.com

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