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Fucking My Tenant's Daughter

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Hi guys, this is Jai from Andhra Pradesh... I want to tell you a true incident which happened two years back....I am just an avg guy with a height of 5"6 well i use to go for gym from my tenth class...Now i completed my graduation....

Well coming to the story.. The heroine of my story was my tenant's daughter...She is damn sexy in her figure...Well she is two years elder than me....But the lust has no age... Well i feel shy to talk with girls or women...That's why i fear to talk with that girl more often....

While we use to stay in a typical old house.. Me and my family use to stay in upper house.. While she use to stay in lower house..We are having municipal water beside her home itself...As i am the only guy in my house... I forced to go to bring water with kettles...One day my mom and dad went out in the early morning. Due to some of my relatives passed away.. They intimated me that they are going out of station..It will be late to come home.I dint bother and i continued sleeping....

At 7"o clock i heard some one who calling my name ...And she is veena my heroine...As i am in drowsy sleep i went to the door and opened it and asked .Whats the matter she told that water was came so come down and fill your kettles..I told ok and slept again by keeping the door open..She again came after a while and called my name . I came to conscious but i dint opened my eyes..I just want to hear her voice by like that.

After some time she poured some ater on my face..And woke up me... I woke up and slightly shouted this is not the way of waking u a person..She was laughing. I am not able to understand why..Than i just saw my penis which is rock steady in salute position towards pointing her..We both laughed and i just gave a small kick on her ass with my palm..She went down,by doing nothing i went down and filled our kettles..She again laughing by seeing me,i just told her that stop laughing and said now all things are under control...She dint understand and asked what .

I just dint hesitated and told that now my dick is not saluting u ,than why to laugh again,,she smiled and told that you are looking like a man in that way only, i asked in which way,she told nothing,but i instantly asked her whats the matter,now she told that you are look like a man when your dick was in standing, than i told thats common when we woke from sleep,,,she told acha thats fine and left that place,,,, i just went to my home and getting ready to go to friends home,,while getting ready she came with breakfast,,and i welcomed her,,at that time i was in towel just came from bath,she staring me and i asked what happened , she told that you are having nice physic,,i just complemented and told that even you are looking gorgeous today,she smiled and told thats she will leave now,,

I just told her to stay and give me a company for breakfast,she waited until i get dressed,and we having breakfast and i just fed a small crunch of dosa to her,by touching her lips a small shock went in my body and my bro is coming out of my underwear,, i instantly feed her many times and we completed,,,she just thanked for feeding,,,and she asked where i am getting ready too go, i told that i am going to my friend place, she kept face sad by hearing this , and i asked what happened,, she told that her mother was going to his grand mom house,she will come in evening,,i will get bore to stay alone i her house,,,

Then i just been happy innerly and i told that no problem i will stay in home and give you a company she felt happy and went,, i usually watch English movies,,actually i am waiting for her,,she came at 11'o clock and sat beside me,,at that time erotic scene came in spix,,we both seeing that seen curiously,,by dick began to raise again,she sawed that and sawed my face and our eyes met,,,we getting close enough and had a smooch for 5 mins and we began to kiss vigorously and hugging each other as i am in boxers i quickly removed it,she was staring at it and jus touched that she was again smiling and i asked whats the reason to smile again,,

She told that she want to taste it,and she kept my dick in her mouth by one shot and doing a blow job,,i am in heaven,i told her to increase force,she obeyed me and i cummed inside her mouth,,i removed her dress one by one,,she was now in bra and panty her vulptures are making me mad , i jumped on her and smooching her boobs she was slightly morning,,ahhh ahhah, bby hearing that my desires are out of control, i widened her legs and trying to keep my dick in her hole

It was not entering i applied oil for my dick and gave a full thurst,she shouted and grabbed my hair,even my dick was paining as it was my first time,i gave 20 to 30 strokes as i am going to cum i took out and cummed on her belly,and fallen on her,,after 15 mins back we again back to action that day we had 5 times fun till evening,we had lunch by siting naked and enjoyed,,,,from that day we both enjoyed lot many times two years later she was married and moved to Bhopal...

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