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Naughty Night's

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The story revolves around three friends Reena, Ashwathy and Sneha inspired from a true life incident coupled with imagination 3 friends, girls. They were friends from the time their parents took them to school. They did their under graduation together.

Life was full of fun for them with an usual college life. On the verge of completing their UG, they were often given scary suggestions about marriage. It was a combined decision to apply for a post graduation which would give them another year or more time to enjoy life for themselves.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Sneha's family objected to the whole idea of postponing marriage. So they decided to consider proposals. Sneha told this to her friends Ashwathy and Reena. They told comforting words but their effort went in vain.

The college they did their post graduation was in Ooty. Needless to say, the weather was so pleasing that they never felt like going to classes or for that matter getting up from the bed. Days and weeks flew by. Assignments, presentations kept their schedule tight.

The hostel food was excellent and that was the only relief time they got in their hectic schedule and back to their hostel room, neatly organised with attached bathrooms. Girls being girls never bothered to dressing up or undressing in front of others.

After classes, they come back to the room, take a good long bath in hot water, watch movies online or complete their assignments, gossip and go to bed. This gave enough time to sleep in the morning. When Sneha got the photos of her groom, she was not quite impressed initially.

But she kept on seeing the snap each day and she kind of liked the guy. She told she wants to talk to the person. So that was arranged. The guy seemed to understand things fairly practical. So Sneha had that initial fear disappear. She told Reena that she has some sort of confidence in the proposal.

Few weeks later, an incident shook the whole girlís hostel. Two girls were caught in an act of sex. Unfortunately for them the latch of the door was not working which they didnít realise when the third inmate's parent came to the room, they were shell shocked to see the two girls in 69 position.

The complaint was withdrawn later considering the future of the girls. But Sneha, Reena and Ashwathy couldn't come out of it. They couldn't picture it. But that night, after the classes, all three of them returned to the room.

Ashwathy took off her shirt and pant. She was in her inner wear. She went inside the bathroom. Reena was looking at Ashwathy's butt till she shut the door. Sneha was tempted to see Ashwathy's breasts. Ashwathy came out a little later without wearing anything.

She kept on wiping her hair with the towel. It was 36C breasts and Shena wondered, how huge. She felt like pressing it once, but refrained. She started removing her shirt and pant. She went one step and removed her bra and panty before going to the bathroom.

Ashwathy looked confused. But she didn't take eyes off from Sneha's breasts. It was so good to see 34 size breasts jumping infront of her. Ashwathy felt warmness in her body. She noticed that Reena was seeing

Ashwathy's butt. Reena told, she'll also join Sneha for bath. She also undressed. Both Sneha and Ashwathy noticed that Reena didn't have pubic hair. It was neatly shaven. Sneha asked when she got time to shave it.

Reena told, she used to do once in 2 weeks or so. Sneha asked if she has a spare razor. Reena gave her one. They both went into the bathroom. They didn't close the door. Both talked something for a while and started applying soap. Sneha took the razor and tried shaving her pussy

Reena told, she will help when Reena's fingers touched Sneha's belly, she felt lot of blood rush in her lower body. Reena didn't mind. Ashwathy, who was looking at this from their room felt real warm again. She put on her inner wear and a T shirt. T

hey started talking about sex that night. But their knowledge seemed limited as they were not sure how a guy's thing would look like. The tried internet and downloaded lot of clippings. All three of them finally agreed that it was not surprising that the other two hostel inmates did involve in sex when sex is such a good thing that can happen.

Two days later, Sneha got a call from her parents informing her about her engagement and marriage dates. She got excited that she'll get to experience a man. Before even realising that weeks passed away, Shena got married.

When Shena came back, everybody in the hostel had only one thing to ask. How was it? Sneha kept telling, it's fine, it's good. Once reaching the room, she saw Reena and Ashwathy all excited. They wanted to know how everything went.

Sneha was in no mood to tell as she felt it a bit too personal. Ashwathy felt disappointed and so did Reena. They went to the class and their regular routine happened. It was again Friday. All three of them didn't interact much because of their hectic schedule.

Came Friday evening, they told they should watch a movie together as it's been a while. After dinner, all of them came back to their room. Sneha took a bag and gave it to Reena and another for Ashwathy. They opened it and saw a fantasy bra and panty.

They thanked her and told, the are pretty exiceted to wear it. They giggled and Sneha took off for bath. She removed all her dresses and Ashwathy noticed that Sneha had a red mark above her pubic hair. Ashwathy asked what it is.

Sneha smiled and went inside. Reena told, maybe it is a love bite. Ashwathy asked, what a love bite is. Reena told, she cannot explain but will do it and show sometime. Once Sneha came back she saw Ashwathy already naked.

She winked and got into the bathroom. Reena told she will also join. Ashwathy asked if she can borrow a razor. Reena told, she's anyway going to do it herself and she'll do it for her also. Hearing their conversation Sneha got warmed up.

She remembered the last time Reena's fingers touched her pussy. Sneha could feel that heat wave soon. She gently pushed the door and it was not locked. She saw Reena leaning forward and gently removing Ashwathy's pubic hair.

After bath, they both came out and smiled at each other. Ashwathy told, it felt nice when Reena did it. When all of them on the bed watching the system, to their suprise they found that the internet was not working.

They didn't have any movies in the system to see either. When enquired through the intercom they came to know that internet line is down due to heavy rain. Outside, it was thunderstorms and heavy lightning.

Ashwathy asked Sneha to tell about her first experience. Sneha told that's something personal. Reena insisted. Shena wouldn't budge. There was silence for a moment and Sneha broke the silence. She told she'll tell but that should be within them and no other person should know about it. Reena and Ashwathy agreed.

All three of them sat on the bed. Reena and Ashwathy sitting next to each other facing Sneha. They were all in their night dresses. Not to mention, it was their inner wears supplemented by just a sleeveless T shirt. Sneha started her story.

Sneha told that it took 5 days for them to break the silence. Though Sneha wanted to have sex desperately she didn't show it off on the fifth day, her husband Jeet told that enough is enough, he can't wait anymore. He asked if she is expecting her date.

She was taken back. But put up a bold face and told no. Jeet told, then they will have some fun that night. The very words created lot of fear inside Sneha. She went to the bathroom, looked at the mirror. She quickly undressed her and saw her in the mirror.

After dinner, everyone retired. Jeet came to the room. Sneha followed him. Jeet told he will take a bath and come. Sneha told, she would also love to. Jeet couldn't believe and even Sneha was surprised to hear what she just told. They both got into the bathroom. Jeet switched on the geyser.

He felt really uncomfortable to remove his T shirt infront of Sneha. This time, Sneha took the initiative. She removed her dhupatta. She asked Jeet to unzip her salwar top and turned her back towards him. She removed her hair. Jeet slowly un ziped her top.

It reminded him of the unzipping scene in Moondram Pirai. He immediately got a hard-on. He kept unzipping it and saw the white bra against her pale skin. Sneha paused for a moment and removed her top. She was in her bra and kameez.

She didn't turn back and to see if Jeet has undressed himself. She untied the kameez knot and started removing it. Jeet realised that he is way behind but was scared to show his penis. He developed some courage and took off his T shirt.

He felt his tool was getting real hard to see a lady undressing in front of him. Sneha took off her bra and panty in a flash and she was standing all naked showing her bare back. Jeet removed his night pant and his tool just reached its peak.

He asked Sneha if she is feeling shy. Sneha told, that they just crossed that time to feel shy. She turned and saw Jeet in his underwear. She was surprised to see the tent.

She asked if the water is warm enough. Jeet checked and told, yes. Sneha opened the shower and went under it. Jeet removed his underwear. Sneha took a good look at it.

But her emotions were covered by the water over her face. Jeet came inside the shower. Sneha gave him some way. His tool just rubbed her thighs. Sneha took a deep breath. Jeet asked Sneha to turn towards him.

They couldn't get any closed because of the tool interruption. Jeet took the soap and gave it to Sneha. It just slipped off Sneha's hand. While she bent, she saw his tool from the nearest point. She quickly put soap and gave it to Jeet. He too put it.

Once done with bathing, Jeet took a dry towel. He asked Sneha to come out of the shower. He wiped off her body with that towel. She felt as though her blood vessels are going to explode. He even helped Sneha to dry her hair. After that, Sneha just lied on the bed.

She turned to one side. Jeet wiped off his body and lied beisdes her. He smelled Sneha's back. He touched her hip gently moved his hand. Sneha put her hand in between. Jeet took her hand, sucked one finger and put her hand on his hair.

Sneha could feel the wetness. She held on to it while Jeet moved closer to Sneha's breasts. Blood was rushing on her body. He rolled his hand on her breast. He could feel her tits are already hard. He moved his hand closer to her other breast.

Sneha couldn't control her and she showed it off by pulling his hair. She could feel Jeet's heavy breath on her shoulder. From breast, he moved his hand towards her belly. He just rubbed his hand over there for a moment and moved closer to her lower belly.

He could feel her recently shaven pussy. He kept rubbing for a moment. He realised that he is already feeling a pre-cum on his penis. He asked Sneha to turn towards him. Sneha turned and in an instant, she hugged him tight.

Jeet felt her warm breasts on him. Sneha was surprised when his tool touched her. It was warmer than his body. It was harder than it looked. Without asking Jeet she touched it. Jeet giggled and put up a brave face.

He felt different when a different hand is on his penis. He asked Sneha to take off her hand as he felt like cuming. Sneha laughed. Jeet asked Sneha to lie on her back. He went towards her feet and started smelling.

She felt it uncontrollable. He moved closer to her pussy. She felt that her pussy was getting wet. He kissed her pubic hair and asked her to spread her legs.

Back in the hostel room, while Sneha was telling this, Reena could feel Ashwathy's breath getting faster. Ashwathy was rubbing her thighs against each other. Reena knew that Ashwathy is getting horny. She moved her thighs closer to Ashwathy.

Ashwathy without her knowledge, started rubbing her thighs against Reena's. Soon both of them started getting warmer. Reena knew what is happening while Ashwathy is in a different world.

Suddenly the power went while Sneha was in the middle of the story where they were wiping off with the towel. Reena asked Sneha to continue. Reena just slid her hand into Ashwathy's T shirt from the side bottom.

Ashwathy saw it coming and unhooked her bra. Sneha couldn't see their faces as it was dark. Reena could feel Ashwathy's breasts. She started squeezing it and pinched her tits gently. Ashwathy felt totally different. Reena went to the other breast.

She smelled Ashwathy's back and she is now completely behind Ashwathy and Ashwathy is leaning against Reena's chest. Not realising what is happening infront of Shena, she continued her story.

The heat was getting immense when Sneha reached the point where Jeet asked her to spread her legs. Suddenly the power came. Sneha was shocked to see Ashwathy's breasts are visible and Reena's hands are squeezing them.

She didn't talk for a moment. Ashwathy told, not to stop the story. Sneha was getting real horny herself that she went to switch on the night lamp, switched off the tube light and took off her dress in front of them. Seeing this.

Reena asked Ashwathy to move forward and removed her top, bra and panty. Ashwathy told she's getting scared. Seeing others naked, she just removed her already unhooked bra, T shirt and raised her hip to remove her panty.

Now, making Ashwathy sit in the middle, Sneha went to the other side. Reena came to Ashwathy's left. Ashwathy spread her legs. Reena and Sneha lied on their sides and folded one of their leg upward. Now all of them could see other's body completely in the night lamp.

Reena asked Sneha to continue her story. Sneha took Reena's hand and kept on Ashwathy's breasts and asked her to squeeze it while she squeezed her other breast. Ashwathy started squeezing one of Reena's and Sneha's breasts. All of them were getting really warm when Sneha started to continue.

Jeet saw the reddish interior of Sneha's pussy. He touched the sides and licked his finger. There was lot of wetness. He went near it and smelled it. Sneha got really aroused and caught Jeet's head.

She pushed his face on her pussy. Jeet kissed and started licking it. He could really feel the warm liquid oozing out of the pussy. He kept sipping the sour liquid. For a moment, Sneha found that something is happening inside her pussy.

She held her thighs tight, his face against her pussy and realised that she had a secretion inside. Jeet felt the tightness in his tounge and a sudden rush of hot liquid. He asked if she had an orgasm. She told, she hope so. They both cuddled and kissed passionately for sometime then.

His tool started rising again and touched Sneha's thighs. Sneha touched it and saw it gaining strength. She broke the kiss and took his tool in her mouth. Jeet felt in too much to control. He felt her warmness on his penis.

He thought he is going to cum in her mouth for a moment. Sneha started moving it when the skin started sliding down. Jeet felt the pain which was worth it. For a while, Sneha continued when he interrupted and asked her to stop chewing it.

She came up and kissed him. They both were on the bed kneeled down. His hands felt the softness of her breasts. He kept on squeezing it while her hand brushed her hair vigorously. His tool touched her again and it was time they decided to get into the ultimate action.

Ashwathy felt Reena's hands going smoothly towards her pussy. She realised that her position was not comfortable enough. Ashwathy just got up and sat down, legs stretched between Sneha and Reena. Now, Reena and Sneha are facing Ashwathy.

Ashwathy just moved closer and now she could touch both Sneha's and Reena's pussy. Reena appreciated her idea and gave her a nice passionate kiss on her cheek.

Sneha asked Ashwathy to close her eyes for a moment when Ashwathy closed, she pictures Jeet in place of Ashwathy and started kissing Ashwathy on her lips. Ashwathy felt the softness of Sneha's upper lips and started sucking it deep.

Reena got aroused and put her finger on her pussy. Once done with kissing, they both smiled at each other and saw Reena fingering. Sneha realised that she was left out and asked Ashwathy to do what she did to her.

Ashwathy took Reena's face and gave her another strong kiss. Reena moaned due to the pain. When they moved off, Reena's lips were burning and bleeding a bit.

Reena smiled though and aske Sneha to finger her. When Sneha put her finger into Reena's pussy, Ashwathy without instruction put her finger into Sneha's pussy. Sneha liked it and asked Reena to finger Ashwathy.

The three of them then leaned forward and started sucking other's breasts in the reverse direction. The fingering motion was so rythmic that they felt heat rushing into their bodies. For the first time, they felt hot flesh rubbing against each other from sucked breasts, kissed again, smelled the thighs.

Reena in a moment, went towards Ashwathy's lower belly and started sucking. She kept sucking tight and tighter. Sneha started continuing her story. Jeet spread Sneha's legs and pushed his penis into her pussy. The motion was so smooth.

She didn't feel any pain as it was wet and there was no friction. He kept moving and realised that the experience flattering. He saw the movement so good that he felt like completely going inside Sneha. He kept moving back and forth. His hands started pain.

He asked Sneha to come on top of him. He asked her to sit on his penis. When she moved up and down, he saw her boobs bouncing. It aroused him. He asked her to turn her back towards him. She just rolled over and now he could see her back.

They continued moving. Jeet thought it is right to change to doggy when Sneha moved forward and bent herself down, he felt the pussy became tight. He moved his penis and realised that he is about to ejaculate. He asked how she is feeling.

She told, she will cum within seconds on hearing it, Jeet moved his penis inside and there was sudden gush of hot liquid inside the pussy. He immediately felt his penis getting harder and harder and there was a strong ejaculation of semen into her pussy.

Sneha went to lie on her back taking deep breath while Jeet fell on her. They both kept on kissing till the blood rush subsided. Sneha never thought Sex is such a nice thing that she repented for not getting married earlier.

The rhythmic motion continued. Sneha asked both of them to moan and tell other's names slowly. She asked them to start moving the fingers faster and faster. They continued and it was burning fire inside the three of their bodies.

The movement became faster and faster. Sneha asked if they feel like reaching a climax. Reena told she is and so did Ashwathy. She asked to continue faster and faster. Sneha's pussy tightened which Ashwathy felt.

The feel made Ashwathy cum immediately and it made Reena cum next. All of them got tired and took their fingers out. It was fully wet. They licked it well and cuddled.

Ashwathy and Reena made Sneha lie in their middle, hugged her tightly from the side and slept peacefully. Sneha couldn't rate whether her sex with her friends or her husband better. She thought whether she should involve Jeet along with them

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