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Hi readers this is my first story on the net. hope you all would enjoy the story and this is a real story .you can revert me regarding the story on my mail Nareshwatts@rediffmail.com

This happened when i was in tenth standard. my elder brother got married and I got a beautiful Bhabhi very sexy. our family belongs to Chandigarh. so after few days as me and bhabhi were alone in home. we got interacted we used to chat talk and share things. we became very friendly. bhabhi also told me that she was having a boyfriend and I look same as like here ex bf. so she was very found of mine. as my brother was doing business so he was always struck in his work and have hardly time for bhabhi. he was used to leave early and come very late in evening. So i was mixed up with bhabhi like watching tv together and evening having food together.

One day bhabhi was cooking lunch and suddenly she came to me and hugged me tightly and said to me I need a kiss would you do it or should I bite your lips. I was stunned as i was never excepting this thing from her. I said u do it she smooched to me and this was the first smooch or hug for me. i loved the way she did. i was used to masturbate earlier I did amazing about her on that and i enjoyed a lot. After that day i never got a chance to hug or kiss her neither she did. after few days I went to watch a English movie in theater with my friends. in the movie the hero was giving smooches from chin to lips in some different way. I some how learned the meathod and babhi asked which film u watched i told her that I watched English movie then she said that oh tum ab jawan jo gaye ho main to bhool e gayi thi. she asked me kaya dekha movie me. I told her that hero was giving amazing smooches to heroine. she said ohh really kaise. i said close your eyes I will tell you she agreed and i smooched her for long time and enjoyed. after some days he asked to smooch her again I did but she said that you are not doing the way u did that day I am not enjoying then I asked her that lets lie on bed and do that we did and kept hugging for long time i enjoyed and i was used to masturbate amazing her. this thing kept on going for long time as we used to hug and smooch long times .

But I guess she was very angry with my brother as he was not giving proper time to her. and in few days i used to peep inside their room and watched them doing sex. in that bhabhi was so amazing and she enjoyed sex very much but my brother was not that interested. after some days i used to watch her bathing in bathroom one day she caught me watching her taking bath. she asked me abt that and i made some wrong story and she agreed. one day bhaiye was so late that bahbhi was waiting outside her room all other members were slept and it was 1 pm in night i asked bhabhi what are u doing outside it was so cold outside. she said noting you go and sleep i sat their and starting talking. after some time we went to her bedroom and she was very sad i told her some jokes and she was happy then bahiya called up and said that he will not be coming because he has come urgent work. she said that can u sleep with me tonight i agreed . then again we did kissing and all things. suddenly bhabhi asked me that will u suck my boobs. i agreed and started sucking here boobs as she put off her top. she was not wearing a bra. i sucked for long times in between she enjoyed a lot and asked me to bite and also rub the boobs which i did. after few days i again asked bhabhi to let me suck her boobs she denied said that she cant do that on that day she was in mood and was missing my brother so she did that. i kept calm and waited for time to come and to dream about fucking her.

One day it was afternoon in summer and we both were alone in house we had lunch and we laid together. we kissed each other for some time then she said that she wants to sleep. i agreed but after some time she asked me that how i enjoy sucking her lips and touching her body all over i said that i enjoy a lot then she said that put off your pajayma and come on me with your underwear . i denied as i was afraid . but she forcefully came on me and stared sucking my chest nipples as she tore my t shirt and she was touching my dick on pajayam and was sahing bahar nikal ikso dekhti hu kitna bara hai. main v mood main aa gaya and i started giving her company.she was also enjoying my moves suddenly she caught my dick as she put off my pajayma while kissing . it was big and hard she said that tere bhai nai sai to tera he sahi mujay to bus ye he chahiye. after some time we became nude and she asked me to suck her boobs which i did for long time and made her boobs red. after that she put my dick in her mouth and started eating it.

I was feeling in heaven. she sucked for long time and i discharged in her mouth and she drank all the cum. she asked me to put fingers in her pussy and kiss that. after that she took my rod in her hand and guided in her pussy and she swalled all that in her pussy. she was shouting chod sale chod jor jor se chod. mujay randi bana de. meri chhoot ki pyas bhuja de. tere bhai sala khasi hai kuch nai hota usse. bus tu he mard hai jo iski tasalli karega. i was giving her long and hard storcks. after fucking some time I cummed inside her and she also had her satisfaction by that time. we enjoyed another session after that. and this went on for years we were used to have sex as and when we want. but after I got married i never tuched her.. she was used to tell me that you wife would be so lucky to have suck a loving and sexy man. i still miss those days. thanks hope you would enjoy it. pls give me feedback

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