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Bhabhi Wanted To Be Fucked

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Hello friends, this is Raj from Ahmadabad I had always loved reading stories on this site and enjoying different people's experience. I was a simple guy from a small town from the district of Ahmadabad after reading all the incest stories.

I started to think of my bhabhi as my bed partner and slowly desire arose in me to have a continuous 12 hour sex with her and at last and I succeeded in it last month and this story is about how I made her like me and have sex with me here the story starts.

I am a 25 years in age 5.10 man with 8.25 of manhood and my gorgeous bhabhi Shivani around 29 age has a decent figure of 38-29-36, she is very sexy and typical Guju gal after reading all the stories I made a plan to have sex with my bhabhi for that I thought of talking and pass as much time possible with her alone.

One day there was a function at my uncle's place he use to leave 30 km from our town and I thought of going with her and start chatting to get success in my plan and we went on bike and I tried to ride it at very gentle speed so that I can get more to talk to heron that ride first.

We had a normal chat after that I asked her whether she had a BF before marriage to which she replied yes and I got excited and started talking to her about him, once she replied that her BF use to look like me only.

I got excited and asked whether she had told this bhaiyya to which she denied and we continued talking on the same chat I asked her whether she had enjoyed with his BF before marriage she replied yes by the time we reached home after that.

I started to have this type of small chat with her regarding girls after few days I got the opportunity and that was the day of first fuck for me and my parents had went to attend a function for two days to Mumbai and my brother had to go on business trip as my dad was out at that eve

I asked her to cook food that she liked so that we can have dinner of her liking and while she was cooking I had talked to her after that we had dinner at around 8 pm and after that we sat on the sofa to watch television while watching TV.

I piped into her big boobs as she was wearing a nice white colored nighty from where her lines were open for me to see I got encouraged as she never use to wear it outside her bedroom while watching television. I slowly moved my hands on back and started touching her back to which.

She didn't minded by that there was a big erection in my pant to which she did noticed but kept silent after some time a thought of masturbate so slowly went to the wash room and did my hand job after I came back my sexy bhabhi was lying on the sofa instead of seating after.

I came we again set their slowly my bhabhi asked me whether I have a GF or not to which I said yes, she further asked I had went out with her I said no. She started laughing and suddenly had a wild smile on her face she straight away asked me so you don't have any experience of using a gal for sex.

I replied no silent went in the room after some time she asked me whether I would like to have that heavenly experience. I got stunned and was speechless she got of the sofa and went in the bedroom I thought

I had missed the opportunity after some time a loud voice came from her room I went in and saw that my Gorgeous bhabhi had turned horny and was laughing at me as I enters and she closed the door and said raj mere devar I know you are attracted to me and want to fuck me.

I also want you devarji you are so good I have seen you many time masturbate in your room from the windows above the door. I feel shameless then she asked me to be relaxed and think of me as a call girl for you to fuck.

We sat on the bed and slowly I started to rub her honey skin body she was great her boobs were very big while having sex we went in different position and talked to each other.

Me: habhi thatís true I want to fuck you

bhabhi: Raj my dear you can go ahead have your dream come true
after that I pressed her boobs and by that time was playing with my erected cock from my jeans only.

I inserted my fingers and then hand inside her nighty to enjoy her boobs after that I opened up and said bhabhi my one night stand your clothes are disturbing me she replied you can take them off.

I removed her nighty for the first time I had seen a gal in just bra and panties she was looking like goddess of sex at that time to me she unhooked my jeans and took it off after that we were their only in boxer, bra and panty..

I started to suck her boobs and removed her bra her boobs were very juicy wet and nipples were hard like rock I sucked her for 10 min and then slowly went down to enjoy the heaven and removed her panty by the time she had removed my boxer and was moaning with my every bite on her boobs.

She then told me that she will now teach me how to enjoy a gal during sex to which I said yes and she ordered me to get into position 69 and then she sucked my tool and I was chewing and biting on her cunt and pussy she gave me a blow with her mouth.

I said bhabhi I am going to blow by the time said I blow all my cum went into her mouth she started to enjoy it and said your cum is too good to taste and after that she told to me to fuck that was my first time and gave her a fucking job.

She said your cock is very fresh and big it seems you are masturbating every day 2 to 3 times and ordered me not to masturbate now onwards whenever I felt like that ask her me to get fuck or to masturbate.

I fucked her from cunt she moaned like anything her pussy was very tight and hot I cum into her cunt and after that we went on the bed side by side after some time she begged me to have anal sex and after I fucked from her anal which was new as my brother had never fucked her from anal.

We enjoyed for the whole night and slept together in the morning we had bath together and again enjoyed sex since then we have been having this experience every now and then.

And try to arrange in such a manner to enjoy each other's body and this story is dedicated to all the story writer of desipapa who aroused in me the desire to fuck my bhabhi thanks and has reading this story made you horny? Email me at firemig23@yahoo.com.

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