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This is my first story that Iím submitting in desipapa.com. So please give me any suggestions and I was fascinated about sex from my childhood only. Letís start the story, after my 12th exams I went to my village on the way.

I called to me to my mami to say that Iím coming to home suddenly my sis lifted the phone and she told that that everyone has went for attending marriage in nearby town and will come tomorrow then she said ok no problem you can come after reaching home.

My sis was waiting for me she told me to take bath as I would be tired then I obeyed here and went to take bath when I came out after bath she was staring about my well built muscular body and let me describe about myself Iím 5.8 inches having good muscular body and my cousin is too hot to be described.

She has firm boobs and her ass is the best part whenever I see her ass and I feel to fuck itís too damn hot. Ok lets be back to story after that she prepared food for us then we both were eating. I asked her why did not you go to marriage she told that she wants to submit assignment.

So did not go and told its completed now after that I went to ice cream parlour and brought a pack of butter Scotch ice cream as the time was still 8 we are not getting sleep so my sis her name is Priya requested me to help in completing her maths problem to which I said ok.

She went in and changed into chudidar she was wearing white chudidar and violet chunni to cover her neck and we have 2 storey house in village so we children prefer to sleep in last room of house because from childhood we sleep there only I went here and changed into black shorts and white t shirt after 5 min.

She came in with books and water bottle as she stepped in and I was stunned to see her beauty which was revealed by tight chudidar and I can see her black bra n black panty wow what a scene it was suddenly.

She turned towards me and said bolt the door otherwise monkeys will come in Priya was too sexy than other sisters and she was interested in me so much because whenever and I come to their house she use to do every of my work and take care like my wife while doing home work.

She said have you any girlfriends to which I told no and I asked why did you ask that she said if you donít have then make me your girlfriend. I was stunned and scolded her and said we are cousins itís not good and she said I know but I like you very much since childhood.

I told her not talk about this and I was sitting on chair busy with my mobile and she was on bed busy with problems as the height of chair was above bed so I can see what she is doing after few minutes she removed her duppata and said itís too hot and suddenly bent and started doing problems and asked me doubt when.

I saw what a scene it was she was showing me her cleavage purposely it was awesome but I did not feel correct and explained the problem and said to sit nicely and she reminded me to bring ice cream which I have bought I went and brought and I served both and were eating.

I love ice cream so I eat slowly she ate fast and got back in doing problems and I was busy eating later she again started to tease me by showing her half boobs and I was looking at it and she caught me by looking at me then I said sorry after eating ice cream she came near me and asked a big doubt which was too difficult.

I said to sit beside by taking chair which she refused then I went to sit on bed she came and sat beside again she bent to see what I am solving I was not able to solve due to her teasing told her to come and sit front she snatched her book from my hand.

Said me to spread my legs straight which I did and to my surprise she sat on me and what a feeling it was she was adjusting here ass on my dick which was already hard then she asked did you like it I said no. She took my hand and put on her left boob and said how it is she was turning me.

I controlled and told what are you doing she said I want you I love you make me yours today is your day and she took my second hand and kept on right boob now I could not control and started pressing it she turned her near to my lips and said Iím thirsty give me your saliva she bite my lips and drank all my saliva then I removed her top.

I started sucking here boob outside her bra and she was mooning ahhhhhhh cum on Sam and I want you to eat it bare then I removed her bra and started to suck it while sucking she was moving here ass on my dick to turn me on and she took my hand and placed on her pussy and made my hand rub on it.

We were still drinking each other saliva she said Sam I want to drink your cum suddenly. She got up removed my shorts and took my dick in her mouth she sucked it like a hungry bitch and then she drank all my cum then it was my turn I removed here panty and started to lick her pussy which was little hairy it tasted too good then at last.

She was unable to bear she said Sam please fuck your Priya then she took my cock and put condom and she sat on my cock after 20 minutes and I came and she drank it was my memorable day and if any girls want to be place of Priya can mail me at give email id above. Thanks