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Horny Sonam Aunty

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Arrey Akshay tu kab aaya? Quite a beautiful voice, as it seemed to the 20 year old B-tech undergraduate Akshay Bakshi, while he was gazing over the picture of a girl on a condom packet at the super market of his home town. He turned over and was surprised to see his old neighbour, Sonam aunty, calling out to him.

Sonam Sharma is a 45 year old married woman and also the mother of two kids. Dressed in an awesome punjabi salwar kameez, the fair looking lady from Indore, was looking like an item bomb. Good morning aunty, mai toh kal shaam ki gaadi mein aaya tha. Yeh aapke haath mein plaster kaise laga? asked Akshay.

She told him that she fell from her Kinetic scooty aap apna bill banalo mai aapko ghar tak chod deta hun told Akshay Nahi,beta rehene do, mai challi jaaungi replied Sonam but Akshay insisted on taking her to her house in his new bike.

Soon Sonam completed her shopping and walked in front of Akshay towards his bike. Akshay was mesmerized by the continuous swaying made by the protruding ass of Sonam as she walked within 15 minutes, they reached Sonam's place. The flat was locked. As Sonam reached out for her keys,

Akshay said Aunty ji, acha toh, mai nikalta hun. Aise kaise, chalo andar aayo, kitne dino ke baad aaye ho chaaye banati hun replied Sonam as she opened the front door of her flat. Sonam was a convincing woman and Akshay had to agree.

He was happy of the fact that no one was at her house and if possible he could see those sexy butts once more. Baitho, mai change karke aati hun said Sonam while she went towards her bed room to change clothes. Akshay sat on the sofa and started reading some magazines kept on the table.

Aunty, bachche school gaye hain kya? asked Akshay haan woh school gaye hain, beta" replied Sonam, from her bed room. Akshay didn't ask about her husband, as on the way to her place, she told that her husband had gone to Ambala for a business trip.

After about 15 minutes, he heard a scream from the bed room. He ran to the bed room only to find Sonam sitting on the bed writhing in pain. Kya hua aunty? Arre, beta pichle 15 minutes se koshish kar rahi hun dress change karne ke liye.

But yeh haath mein kaafi dard ho raha hai. Can you help me? asked Sonam. Akshay had an instant hard-on. He was super excited to undress Sonam on the pretext of helping her. Beta, yeh kameez uthaardo meri she told Akshay.

Akshay went ahead and lifted her top, very slowly to reveal her massive tits and hot navel. He was dumb struck as she was not wearing a bra inside. Thank you beta, that’s enough ab jaake baith jaao.

I’ll just come while walking towards the drawing room, her dark areolas were constantly flashing across his mind. He could feel the pain in his cock which had grown considerably during the last 15 minutes within ten minutes she came to the drawing room with two cups of tea.

But that's not the point and she came to the drawing room wearing a tight t-shirt and skimpy shorts exposing her milky thighs. Arre beta, I hope you are not feeling uncomfortable. Kapde saare dhone ko dale hain and mere iss haath ke vajah se, it becomes all the more difficult.

Bahut dard karta hai it was a really tough job for Akshay to drink his tea, while sitting beside a hot lady exposing half of her thighs. After finishing his tea, Akhay went back to his house. The whole day Akshay masturbated 5 times thinking of Sonam aunt’s splendid tits at night, he dreamt of fucking Sonam.

Over the days Akshay became close to Sonam and used to visit her house regularly. He became addicted to Sonam’s magic. It was a Monday afternoon around 3 pm. Sonam called Akshay hello, Akshay are you free?

Yes, aunty I’m always free for you. What happened? Can you come over and I need a help from you said Sonam. Akshay hurriedly ended up his conversation on phone with Sonam, and rushed to her place. Akshay slowly knocked on Sonam’s door .

The door opened and there stood Sonam, wearing a tight transparent salwar kameez revealing her sexy curves. Her bra was clearly visible. Aao, beta andar aao said Sonam in a very sensous tone. Akshay entered her flat and saw a pink mattress lying on the floor.

Thanks for coming over! Ghar pe kya bola asked Sonam. Akshay replied that he told his parents that he was going over to his friend’s house and then Akshay asked how he could help her. Beta, kya tum mere legs massage kar sakte ho?

Bahut pain kar raha hai Akshay readily agreed. Sonam lay on her stomach on the mattress. Akshay had to massage the back of her thighs and initially Sonam told him to massage over the salwar she was wearing.

Akshay could clearly experience the softness of her tender and fleshy thighs. His dick had already made a tent in his trousers. He continued for another 10 minutes after which Sonam told him to stop uufff lagta hai aise asar nahi hoga. Pain reliever cream lagana padega said Sonam.

Akshay was just hoping for her to remove her salwar. She got up and skid her salwar till her knees exposing her pink fish-net panty and again lay on her stomach. She told Akshay to apply the cream on her thighs. He started massaging her milky thighs. He was in seventh heaven while massaging her thighs.

Arre, Akshay thoda uppar hath failao” said Sonam telling him to massage the area of her thighs closer to her ass. Akshay’s hands were trem bling. It wasn’t his fault. He was massaging the super- sized ass of a mature lady who is more than twice his age.

Sonam started breathing heavily. “Aahh.. isshh, you are very good massager. Meri panty neeche karke, ass mein bhi massage kardo” said Sonam. Pre-cum juices were already flowing out for Akshay. He slid her panty down to reveal the majestic and mighty booty of Sonam aunt.

He spreading his fingers all over her ass but couldn’t cover her entire ass, as it was humongous and started shaking those booties. Issh oohhh, I’m feeling good re-iterated Sonam, who had become horny by then.

Aunty, kya mein aapke ass ko smell kar sakta hun asked Akshay Badmaash, apni aunty ki gaand tujhe itni pasand hai. Ooh le chat le without wasting any time Akshay, like a mad dog, put his face into her ass. He became lost, by the voluptuous smell from her ass hole.

Just like a snake finding its way to its hole, Akshay’s tongue found its way to her ass hole eeeh aaaah, aur andar leja apni jeeb. Oooh”, cried Sonam. She was enjoying the rimming session by Akshay. It was this ass for which Akshay had dreamt of.

He continued rimming her for about 15 minutes as he was mad about her ass. Ishh ahh bas kar, chedh aur bhi jagah par hai said Sonam. Akshay turned Sonam on her back and lifted her kameez properly to locate her love hole. Sonam’s vagina was already wet.

She was biting her lips while anxiously waiting for Akshay to start licking her pussy. I can’t wait any longer chaat meri choot ko lauta de meri jawaaani” saying this, Sonam pushed Akhay’s head to her pussy. It was hairy but Akshay liked the smell of her hairy pussy.

Akshay parted the bush to find her pussy and started licking it. ohhhh maza aa raha h” Sonam was ecstatic. Her whole body was trembling with pleasure. Akshay was exploring her forest and he bit her clitoris.

Sonam shrieked out with pleasure please don’t stop jab tak mai bolun nahi tab tak apni jeeb se mujhe chodta reh. Akshay was now experiencing the salt flavour of her love juice. His exploration activity continued for 15 minutes and Sonam finally told him to stop.

She commanded him to remove her salwar. Akshay quickly took off her salwar and was startled by her assets which were scarcely covered by her bra. Aunty what’s your size asked Akshay looking at Sonam’s Himalayas started by her assets which were scarcely covered by her bra.

Aunty whats your size” asked Akshay looking at Sonam’s Himalayas 38DD, ab kya size dekh kar choosega” replied Sonam winking at him with a naughty smile. He tore her black bra to showcase her massive tits.

He was dumbstruck by the diameter of her black areolas with pointed nipples. Akshay was confused of only one fact, as in, which boob to suck first. Without wasting any more time he started sucking her left boob.

The smell from her bosom was too intoxicating for him. He felt like eating her whole breast. Sonam pressed Akshay’s head to her bosom with intense pleasure. Soon after satisfying his pleasure on her assets he started licking her navel and her entire body.

Chal, it’s time for blowjob kapde uttar de said Sonam, getting ready for her duty. Akshay undressed himself. He sat on the sofa. His dick was already erected. Sonam got on her knees and started encircling the tip of his penis with her tongue.

Aunty, I warn you and I may cum inside your mouth as I’m super horny right now told Akshay yahi, toh mai chahti hun sais Sonam, putting his entire dick in her mouth as Akshay was an amateur, he couldn’t last long and finally cum in her mouth.

Sonam gulped every drop of his semen. She continued her act until his dick became erect again. Chal, let’s gear up for the final match and mmy favourite match, the ‘fuck me’ match” announced Sonam. She told her that she liked doggy style.

Akshay had never done this for real, but had seen this in a lot of porn movies. He came behind her and very carefully inserted his dick in her hole. not this one meri gand mein apna danda daal. Otherwise I may get pregnant” said Sonam.

Akshay realized that what Sonam told her was true as he wasn’t having a condom either. But this task was even tougher. He was afraid whether anal sex would hurt his dick or not. “Aunty isse dard toh ni hoga?” asked Akshay.

Arrey, budhu dard toh mujhe hoga,do one thing bring that Vaseline and apply it on my hole smooth hojayega” said Sonam pointing to the Vaseline kept on the desk.

Akshay applied Vaseline on her ass hole and put his dick into her hole aaahh dheere se andar daal aahhh said Sonam. Very slowly Akshay started thrusting his dick into her ass. He could feel the warmth inside her butt. Soon he gained speed and started anally fucking her hard.

Uiiimaaa mai toh marr gayie screamed Sonam in pain both of them were enjoying the session. They fucked each other for the entire day until 1 pm as Sonam’s kids would be back from school by then.

Akshay enjoyed his holidays fucking Sonam both of them promised each other that they would keep their relation a secret. I hope by now your jockey is wet go and clean it. Bye

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