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Dear readers, I am sneha, born in Gwalior but for past 7 years Mumbai is my home. I am narrating my sexual escapades and I don't blame anybody for what I am today. I am wheatish complexioned lady on whom so many males have showered love.

My childhood had witnessed lot of turbulence. My earliest memories are of when I was in class 3 or 4. I was the youngest and most neglected of 3 siblings and was considered the ugly duckling. My brothers were elder to me by 5 and 2 years respectively. We used to put up in 2 bedroom house where one was occupied by my parents and the second one by my brothers.

My mother had no voice in household affairs and she could'nt help me much when my father forced me out of bedroom. My father always used to consider me as scar on his handsome face and my brothers too had same feeling about me. It was during this turbulant period when Kishore kaka was hired as domestic help to help my mother. He was very polite to me unlike other male members of the family.

With time Kishore kaka became my heart to heart man and I used to tell all my feelings to him in privacy of night. He would listen and console me. I used to sit on his lap and embrace him and cry out on his shoulders. He would gently caress my cheeks and kiss them occasionaly. Then one day my father banged me for not doing good in science and hit me with belt.

It was kishore kaka who politely stopped my father saying ' sahab aurat jaat hai ab bas bhi kariye '. That night when everybody slept he came to me. I sobbed and poured out my agony and said my father dislikes me because I am dark and ugly. He gently took me on his lap and his caresses soothed me. He asked me to show my back and then gently lifted up my frock.

He kissed all over my back and whispered into my ears ' baby ji, mere paas ek nuskha hai aur main aapko bahut sunder bana doonga '. (baby ji, I have a treatment and I will make you beautiful ). I exclaimed in joy and he put a condition that I will have to do as he instructs and should not tell anybody.

At that time he was the only person from whom I used to get some affection and I readily agreed. He then kept on caressing by back with his rough fingers which tingled me and I giggled. He hushed hushed me and whispered 'baby ji just enjoy and don't make any sound. I pressed my head in sofa cushion to muffle my giggles. I then felt him lying beside me and he continued caressing me.

After a while he asked me to turn up and his fingers caresses my chest and navel area with mild scrubbing of my nipples with his nails. That sent ripples of pleasure. He then gently pulled down my panty and caressed my little pussy. It really felt good. As I was diving deep down in ocean of pleasure I felt his breathing getting heavy and heavy and realised something hard is poking me.

I ignored everything and closed my eyes. He caressed me all through upto my toe to face and whispered into my ears ' baby ji ab special cream lagaane ka samay aa gaya'( baby ji now it is time to apply special cream ). I opened my eyes and asked ' par kishore kaka aap koi cream to laaye nahi '. ( but kishore kaka you did'nt bring any cream ).

He smiled at me and said have faith in me and just keep it a secret. He took my hands and slid it inside his lungi and rubbed my hands over his dick. He then opened his lungi and stood up. I was afraid at seeing his long thick dick. My eyes widened and he lovingly said ' baby ji (he held my hands and guided me) pehele isko khich ke neeche karo and removed the foreskin of that bulbous lund aur jaise lolly pop chooste ho isko chooso aur phir jadoo dekho.

(Baby ji suck it like lolly pop and see the magic). I apprehensively started licking the tip of it like lollypop. He gripped my head and gently checked how much I could take inside the mouth. He then started thrusting it gently in and out. Occasionaly he would rub the entire saliva soaked dick on my face and then again ask me to lick and suck.

After some time he asked me to stop and lied down and asked me to cross my legs over his chest and continue licking his entire cock like an icecream. As I obeyed all of a sudden I felt his hot tongue lapping my pussy. It again gave me immense pleasure and I started licking him more vigorously.

He made my licking his cock and his sucking of my pussy in rythym and I started licking and sucking him more and more to get his reward of sucking and it was giving me immense pleasure. My g spot was having strange feeling and I squeezed my buttocks with full force. After a while he stopped me and stood up. He asked me to sit and then began jerking his lund.

He asked me to close my eyes and within no time I felt hot viscous cream on my face then on my chest,navel and finally on my legs. There was strange aroma of the cream (I thought it was cream at that time). I opened my eyes slowly to find few drops trickling down his dick. Kishore kaka was breathing heavily and he groaned and asked me ' baby ji jo cream is lund pe laga hai use choos lo (baby ji suck out the left over cream from my lund)'.

I asked him pointing towards his dick ' kishore kaka kya isko lund kehte hai '. He said yes. I again sucked the last drops and it tasted horrible. Kishore kaka had started massaging his juices over my chest giving circular movements in my breast area and mildly tweaking my nipples and gently pulling them up. He continued with this massage all over my body and I could smell the aroma of his juices.

Once done he asked me to wear my frock and sleep. Next day early morning he woke me up and gave me some besan and asked me to scrub my entire body with it. I protested and said not now to which he got annoyed and said in that case he would leave us and go back to his native place. He was the only one who sympathesied with me so reluctantly I went and did as instructed.

He then asked me to get ready for school and then study. I obeyed him and soon he served me with milk and almonds. It really felt good and I asked him Kishore kaka main sunder ho jaungi na. He patted my shoulders and said bus jo kehta hoon karti jao dekhna ek din sab tere liye tarsenge (one day everybody will desire for your company).

For about a year or so Kishore kaka became my teacher and most of the nights I would suck him and he suck me. Besides his juices he used to massage me with boiled neem leafs and in morning would ask me to bath with rose (plucked from our garden) water. I did'nt feel any change in my complexion but my siblings had stopped teasing me saying kaali kalauti and once when maasi was with us I received my first compliment of my life when she said sneha you have glowing skin.

I felt so happy that day. I followed Kishore kaka' s therapy more rigorously from that day. He then used wheat flour and curd paste to massage my body. He gave extra time on my armpits and sometimes it used to hurt me but he would not listen. He trained me in using that paste. My mother even asked me who told me about all this and I said my friends.

I gradually realised my sucking Kishore kaka's lund was a sexual activity. I was a bit shocked and one day I burst out in front of him blaming him for exploitation . No body was in house at that time. He just said 'baby ji it is true that you did'nt know this was sexual activity but just see what I have given you in return. If you think I have exploited you then I will move away.

He then added is duniya mein yaad rakhna ek haath de ek haath le hi chalta hai.' I don't know why felt I still need him and after quite some time I asked him ' aap mere saath kya kya karte '. He boldly said 'baby ji aapki pehli chudai mai hi karta par aapke solvein saal mein. I don't know what made me laugh and I asked him par tum to buddhe ho gaye ho.

He just smiled and said baby ji bus aap bus yun hi chooste raho aur phir dekho, mai aapko sab sikha doonga. I just went upto him and said ab se ek baat sikhoge to hi choosungi. He laughed merrily and said baby ji ek baat to abhi sikhya hai ek haath lo ek haath do aur aap sikh bhi gayi to ab choosiye. I smiled and said o.k and sucked him.

I was in class 7 when my mensuration cycle started and my mother told me things which I already knew courtesy Kishore kaka. My breast or as Kishore kaka said chuchi started to take shape. The efforts of him was evident on my skin and I did'nt have to use hair remover on my hands, legs etc. The hard work of kishore kaka bloomed in shape of my devastating figure.

By the time I gave exams of class 10 my eldest brother was in Bhopal for higher studies and Ramesh was preparing for it and I had attained height of 5" 6' and was measuring 34 - 28 - 38 with almost nothing to say about academics. I was happy as I used to get lot of attention and was desperate for sex. I even indicated it to Kishore kaka but he instead gave me another lesson for life.

He said ' baby ji yaad rakhna kabhi shuruaat mat karna, saamne wale ko itna dikha do ki woh tumhe chodne ke liye tarse '. I enjoyed his lessons of life and teasingly asked him ' aap to bachpan se ab tak sab dekhe hai ab aapko kaise tarsaaun'. He smiled and looked at Ramesh's room. I was aghast and said ' par woh to mera bhai hai'.

Kishore kaka again went philosphical and said ' ghar ki baatein ghar me hi rahtee hai aur baby ji main aapki pyaas itna bhada diya hun ki aap ek se kabhi khush nahi rahengi isliye soch samaj kar kadam uthanaa'. I was astonished at his frank talk and began suducing my own brother. I initially would intentionally jump so that my boobs move in front of him but in private.

I created accidents such that my body brushes his body. The results were as expected and after few days he never missed an opportunity to rub his hands against my body. At that time I still used to sleep in living room. He used to study till late night and would go to kitchen on one pretext or other. As all lights would be off he used torch.

One day I provoked him further, instead of sleeping in nightdress I slept in skirt and tops. I waited for him and as I heard him coming, I opened all but one button of top and fully exposed my one part of bare shoulder and cleavage and pulled up my skirt to expose my thighs and put a bluster in between my legs and one arm covering my eyes and partially face.

As Ramesh crossed living room he flashed light and my heart skipped a beat. He stood still and I saw flashlight on my legs slowly moving up and then on my cleavage. It remained there for quite some time and then Ramesh switched off. Aftersome time I again saw flash light on my cleavage. It went on for quite some time and then he left.

I followed him quietly to his bedroom and peeped inside. He was lying on his bed with shorts down to his knees. I could guess what he was doing and felt horny. Next day I asked my parents if I can get the room as now elder brother is not here and it was hot in living room. My dad looked at Ramesh and Ramesh said it is o.k provided I am ready to sleep with lights on.

I readily agreed. I kept my bra and panty in the attached bath of bedroom. At night, I requested Ramesh to switch off the light and study in table lamp. I knew he would accept my request. I purposefully wore night dress covering my full body but without bra. After some time I pretended to sleep. He waited for about half hour just to ensure I was sleeping well.

After that he came near my bed. There was no fun for him with my full body covered. I felt he is watching me. He quietly left my bed side and entered into bathroom and returned after quite some time. He did'nt dare any thing that night. I kept him waiting for about a week when my father said my mom and he would be going to Bhopal and that Kishore kaka and two of us would be alone for 3 days.

Next morning they departed in morning and I dressed up in frock with jeans and went to meet my friends. In evening after I came back, I casually took out my jeans and remained in frock. That frock was just about an inch below my ass. The frock had only four buttons on front. Ramesh eyes were roaming all around my body. After dinner I entered bed room.

Kishore kaka served him milk and announced he is going to sleep. Ramesh was sitting on his bed taking milk. I purposefully slipped in front of him and hit the glass. Whole milk fell on the bed. He got annoyed for making his bed wet. I said sorry sorry, bhaiya. He shouted on me and asked ' where will I sleep now '. I offered him my bed and said I will go back to living room.

He digested the situation and fell in my trap. As I had expected he said chal koi baat nahi, bed mein to kaafi jagah hai, dono saath so jaayenge. I insisted on going to living room saying ' nahin bhaiya aapko takleef hogi, aur papa ke room ka chabhi de do main apna night suit nikaal lun'. He said no no, sorry for shouting, yehi soo jaate hain. I said o.k but give keys so that I can change.

He gave a lame excuse that he has forgotten where he kept keys. I smiled inside and externally said ' chalo theek hai aisay hi so jaati hu '. I took his pillow and partioned the bed. It was about 4" wide only and I knew it was not possible to sleep without touching each other. I again pretended to sleep. I covered my face with my arm to see what he was doing and covered my legs with bed sheet.

After about an hour of this hide and seek game he came to bed quietly and slowly removed the bed sheet. I had already pulled up my frock upto my waist. In that dim light of night lamp I saw a huge tent in his bermuda's. I had almost occupied the whole bed. He adjusted himself in remaining space. He slowly removed the pillow I had kept in between.

As he removed pillowed I made moaned ummm and as if I am putting my leg on pillow again I put my legs on his legs. I was getting wet and horny and as our bare skin touched I felt his skin. I slided my legs up and down and caressed hiss legs. After this I kept still and felt his breathing getting heavy. I saw him stroking his lund from over the bermuda's.

I desperately wanted him to initiate but he did'nt. So I took sidewise turn and in the process further lifting my frock up. Now my back was towards me. I waited in anticipation and after some time I felt his lund poking me. He waited for few moments and then felt his legs in between my two legs. He came near me and I felt his hot breaths on my neck.

It became difficult to control my feelings but I controlled and kept still. Then I felt his throbbing cock all naked on my ass cheeks. It was soooo hot that I wished he fucks me now only. My no response encouraged him and he hugged me and his hands cupped my chuchi and fumbled unbuttoning my frock.

I shook myself to convey that my sleep is getting disturbed and in process took his lund between my thighs. He finally managed to open up frock buttons. I immediately turned towards him pretending to be still asleep but somewhat disturbed sleep. He lay still for few moments and I felt he was reaching point of no return.

He then put my leg over his leg such that his lund was poking me on my pussy over the panty. The pulled up one side of frock and exposed my chuchi fully. He then touched my erect nipples and out of impulse kissed me hard on my lips with his hands on my chuchi. I reacted at this point, I opened my eyes and tried to push him meekly.

He pinned me down and started sucking my nipples. I croaked ' bhaiya yeh aap kya kar rahe hai '. He kept on sucking and this time I applied more force to push him. He further pinned me down and I again said ' bhaiya please leave me, this is not good, you are my brother ufffff bhaiya leave me '. He grunted, please sneha, pleaseeeee.

I said nahi bhaiya yeh theek nahi hai, aap mere bhai hai, pleasee leave me '. I ensured that during this struggle I slide down so that my frock moves up and up. Ramesh was now driven by lust and he forcefully kissed me and my hands in protest mode gently stroked him, I even touched and gently shook his lund stoking more fire.

During his requests and my nahi bhaiya nahi I cleverly got rid of my frock and was in panty only. Ramesh then used force and pinned me down seeing my naked body and started vigorously sucking my nipples. I moaned ummmmm aaaahhhhh bhaiiiyaaaa pleaaaaseee mat karooooooo haiiiiiiii dheeeeeereeee dardddddddd hottta haiiiiii and he would grunt snehaaaa pleeeeaseee karrr leneee deeeee kisiiiii ko pataaaaa nahiiii chaleeeegaaaaa.

As he kept on showering kisses after kissess and rubbed his entire body against me I kept on moaning aaahhh bhaiyyyyaa aaapppp mujheeeee chod dijiyeeee uffffffff badaaaaa ajeeeeb lagggggg rahaaaaa haiiiii bhaiyaaaaaa parrrrr yehhhh aaaap galattttt kar raheeeee haiiiiii. I withdrew my entire resistance and allowed him to play.

He removed my panty and as he touched my pussy I exclaimed bhaiyaaaa dekhoooooo wahannnnn kuch hooo aaahhhhhh bhaiyaaaaaaa phirrrrr seeeee haaathhhh rakhooo aaahhh bhaiyaaaaaaa aaaachaaaa ummmm. He got up and removed his T shirt and again started kissing and licking me.

I again said bhaiya yeh galattt ho rahaaa haiii aap zabardastiiii mere saath yeh sab mat kariye. He groaned dekh sneha tujhe bhi to mazaa aa raha hai, kisi ko malum nahi padega, chal dono mazaaaa lete hai, tu kitni sexy hai aur yeh mera hard luck hai ki tu meri behan hai. Pleasee mujhe ji bhar ke karne de. He again started to kiss my navel and caress my chuchi.

Then suddenly the whole room was lit with light and Ramesh almost fell out of bed. As he stood with his erect lund, stark naked and myself too could not believe Kishore kaka standing near switch board

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