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Horny Fantasy

Writer: Shah

Hi Friends, I am Ajay Shah from Ahmadabad. I am here to share my Fantasy. There are many stories posted on this site, but I do not think all of them are true. Some of them may be fantasies too. I have experienced sex in my life, but it is my fantasy to have sex with my college or office colleague. So without wasting much time, Lets Start. I would say some thing about me, I am 5' 9" and fit and normally body. I have 6.5 inch dick when its erect. It's thickness is also in full shape.

My Fantasy Start's here...I work in a Networking MNC. We have a lady trainer in our office. We will refer here as Aisha Bannerjee (Name Changed). She is about 36 in age. She looks beautiful, slim and 5' 2" height. Normally she use to work till late in the evening due to work loads and I also leave office around 9 or 10 in the Evening. She is simple lady with Hardworking potential and lots of chitchat chitchat habit. She speaks a lot when she is in to some topic or even during her training jobrole. Some times you might think, how can she speak so much continuously. One day normally I was in the office at 10 and was about to leave. She was too packing her bags and was about too leave. We both left the office together and went to the parking took our vehicles and started together, She lived nearer to office and She said she fears Dogs in her street and I should Accompany her till her house. I did it and left for home. She also has a habit of discussing people's personality with them, habits ways of living and all such stuff. It was her job role. She used to take deep dive in people's personal life too. So some times we discuss about why she was not married till now and She used to ask me Do I have a Girlfriend or not? and all such Discussions. She used to leave alone here and Some times her parents use to come to live with her.

On one official trip we both and our team were on Some training purpose trip to Mumbai. We had Training for 3 days and then SAT-SUN leave so It was a 5 Day trip. We all left for Goa on Tuesday Evening reached there and checked in to Hotel that Night. Our grade employees were given rooms to share between two people and She was 2 Grades higher then me so She was given her personal room. Our team had dinner together that Night and then we all went to sleep as next day was our meeting. Next Day we had heavy training schedule. Just had a single lunch break and back to training. Second day was similar too. On first two days we just relaxed at night in the Hotel garden , Some of my friends were there and she along with her friend and a colleague from another department were there. They discussed that this time Living arrangements were made quite good by the company, last time it was a big mess and all , blah blah....!! I was getting bored and I thought She too was not interested. I thought to take a coffee at the Hotel Coffee Shop and then move out for Smoke. I started and when I was at the Coffee shop I saw here coming there. She asked me If she can join me , I agreed and we had a coffee. Then I asked her if she want to join me for a walk. She agreed and We went for a walk to near by Cigarette shop. I bought one packet and lighted one there. She was not used to smoking but was looking as if she wanted to try it. I knew that she would not take it then too I offered her and to my Surprise She took one puff and started Coughing. I asked her IF you are not used to it then Why did you take it. She Said She wanted to try it once. Then I bought a lady cigarette for her and she smoked it half. She was happy like She did some thing great. There was excitement in her face.

I asked her why she wanted to try smoking cigarette. She said she want to try everything in life once. I asked her what more she wanted to try with a puzzled face..!! She responded she even wants to try Whiskey, bear and...then she stopped. I asked her and what? She said Nothing. I forced her to say but she said thats all. I asked her so when is she planning to drink? She said she do not know, but will try some day. Then we went back to Hotel and bid Good Night and I went to sleep. Next day training was boring and in the after noon after lunch I went for a smoke and she looked at me and smiled while I was going. I asked her with my actions whether she wants to join me. She said no nooding her head and I went. Then the remaining training was over by the evening. That day we all friends planned to go on Juhu beach in Mumbai and then Drink at Night. I was busy with my friends and I did all the masti with them at the beach and we returned back late and had drinks in the bar in Mumbai. I was really High straight away went to sleep after returning back to Hotel.

Next day morning when I got up I saw 3 SMS of Aisha. Two of them were sent by her previous night and one was in the morning inquiring where was I , as she did not see me in the Hotel at Dinner that Night. I picked up the phone called her and she acted like she is angry with me , I said her I was busy last night and asked her what she did last night and She replied She was getting bored sitting in the Hotel and then Slept. I called her for lunch that day and she agreed. We went to a near by restaurant and she was in her jeans and top. I don't know why she dressed casual for the lunch. She said some of her colleagues went back to Ahmadabad and some were busy with their relatives in the city. So She was alone the whole evening the previous day. I said sorry to her as I had to go with my friends and I was High in the Night that I did not see her message. She was like OOK with it. Then to cheer her I asked what is she doing that day Evening. Now I will write our conversation in our own words below.....A means Aisha's Words and Me: means my words.

Me: What are you doing today evening?

A: Nothing

Me: Lets go for a movie.

A: Ok, but movie will be over by 6 then what will we do after that?

Me: Then ....then.....!

A: Hey Ajay, What did you all do Yesterday. I also want to go to the beach and Enjoy.

Me: Hey come ON, We can go to the beach but not all that we did yesterday.

A: Why not, I too want to see the BAR in Mumbai and Drink too...!

Me : I asked ? Are you sure..?

A: Yes I am , and I do not worry when you are there with me.

Me: Oh...! This much Trust.

A: OOh Come on Ajay.

Me : Ok then Madam ....Lets Explore....

Then we went for a movie, Ek Mai aur Ek tu. The movie had a scene similar to the one planned by us for that Evening. And the thing SEX entered my Mind. Ohh GOD...!!! I was Evil. Teh movie was nice one a Refresher, Kareena was sexy as ever. Imran Was a nice Guy, But I was not. I was dreaming for the Night. I started looking at her differently.

Then we went to JUHU Beach. We had a walk along the beach, dipped our legs till Knees. She folded her Jeans till Knees. I was watching them..aahhh...! Then we had Snacks and Famous Mumbai Bhel and Vadapav. She was enjoying like a KID. I forgot She was my senior too. But when she did not mind the Things Why Should I.

After that It was 8 in the Evening. We decided to go to a BAR near our Hotel where we were living. We went there and took a seat in the Corner. It was and Expensive Restaurant Cum bar. I ordered a Black Dog Whiskey, 2 Beer Bottles and Some Snacks for Biting. She was watching all this with excitement. Then I made a small drink for her and we started, We had small talks regarding office, She was learning how to drink , At first she did not like the Taste, but then she continued drinking. We both had two small Pegs. Then We started with Beer, She had one glass and She was seeming some what High. We packed some food and one more Black Label whiskey and 5 beer bottles for the night or tomorrow and started to reach back to HOTEL. The Drinks were showing its Effect on her...She was getting tipsy and I have to Hold her to walk. I was holding her from back and was touching her bra straps from the back and side of her breast were in access to me. She was totally tipsy, she did not notice any thing. Any how I took her back to her room. And There She Vomited. Every thing was OUT. She said her mind was rotating. After some rest she cleaned herself , took bath. Till then I was in her room Only. After that She was back to senses. She Said She Enjoyed the Evening very well.

A: I am very Happy today. I have experienced one more thing in life.

Me: hmm thats Nice...!

A: I again want to drink as I am normal Now. I do not want to sleep Normal Today.

Me: No , You Vomited once and Now You should not Drink more.

A: NOOO.... I want to Drink. Pleaseeee

Me : Om If you want What Can I Do.

A: Come On Ajay , Lets make two drinks Again.

Me OK..

Then we again had 3 rounds of Drink. I was getting tipsy too.. But Sex was still On my Mind. and I was watching her. She said She is feeling High and will be back in a minute after Pee. She came back after pee and changed her Dress to her Nighty, Which was short and Transparent. I could See her Bra and Panty Which were Designer and bright Colored. She had an awesome slim Figure at this age too.

A: What are you watching?

Me: Nothing....

A: Lier....You are Noticing me...!

Me: No Madam....Its Nothing like that.

A: Dont Lie Ajay. I know You are watching me. I am not much experienced in most of theh mater we did today, But I can see lust in your Eyes. tell Me truth?

Me: Yes Madam....!

A: Hey Where did this Madam came back in Picture again. The whole day You called me Aisha...!

Me: No Its Nothing like that You are really Beautiful. I could not resist when I saw your Beauty Like this from your Transparent Nighty....! Thats y I was Lusting.

A: Dont worry I am not mad, I will confess one more truth to you. As I wanted to try all this thing in life. Sex was also one of them. So If you do not mind Can we have Sex.

I was on Cloud 9, hearing this. How come a beauty come to you and say I wan to have sex with you....Ahhh!!!! I was thanking My Stars.

Me : Sure Aisha....! I will. I will be lucky to do It. My Beauty....!

There was a romantic Smiles on Our Face. I started to walk towards her and Grabber her from the waist and Started kissing her. She too responded well. She was actually a good Kisser. Our Lips and tongues were in side each other. We were kissing like people mad in LOVE. Then I started Liking her neck and You know, Alcohol and a lady in BED is always a good Mixture to turn you ON. There was Alcohol in our Body;s and the lady was in BED with me. I kissed her eyes, Neck, Earlobes, Cleavage...hands....It was awesome.....! Then She Stopped me and Started Stripping in front of me and I was watching the Stripping.

Slowly the Nighty Went down, then the bra Come off and I jumped on her to grab her tits and Liked them hard, Sucked her Nipples hard for 10 minutes, First Left one then the Right one...And Slowly My Hands were going in her Panty....! I lowered her Panty till her knees. She was in her panties at her Knee and remaining part was totally Naked. Ahh What a sight that was to watch.Then I made her sit down and Lowered my Jeans and Underwear. Asked her to Suck me. She Did it slow in the Start then She was gripping it well. She was a good Sucker too. My dick went In and OUT. Ahh I was enjoying it....!!!!

Then I ripped her panties which were at her Knees...and started Liking her Pussy Which was shaved..I think She was preparing for this Since yesterday. I liked her in and Out , My tongue was exploring her navel and pussy alternatively.....We both were enjoying She was moaning..ahh...ohhhh.....hhhmmmm...! I inserted one finger in her pussy and One in her ass hole. Her ass hole was tiny little one. Ahh It was beautiful too.. It was Small and Clean. She was in some another world, moaning........Ahh ,,......Ohhh....Ahhhh....Ajayyyy....Do it hard.......!!!!

Then I dragged her to the Edge of the bad.....And started inserting my dick in her. I did not had condoms. I was raw. She was demanding me to fuck her soon....Slowly I started to push, and I could see fear and enjoyment in her Eyes at the same time. Ahh She was enjoying it. And then I suddenly had a big thrust and she was like aaaahhhhhh!!!! it slow...I will Die..........Ahh Give it tome....>Darling.....MY AJ......ajjaaayyy....Ahhhhh .....more love.......fuck me hard today......Please go Deep Inside me.......I am Enjoying it.......I iam BITCH........Please deep inme.................ahhh....uhhhhh..... Do it Fast now.....I am Enjoying.......Ram it hads in.....I was enjoying it too.......You bitch.......You want to have a fucking experience it is you dirty little whore......take it Full....Here it is for you....Deep inside you.......Take a lesson here.......My dick is your today......And I will Fuck you hard and long dirty shitty as hole.......Take it deep here it is for you......I kept fucking her and stretching her nipples at the same time. Her Breast were fully Erect an d Nipples were protruding out. There were goose bumps on her nipple....ahhh that means she was in full Mood....Hey Ajay please give it to me .....please fuck me in mypussy from back...I want doggy Style.....I turned her back....Hey bitch like you pussy juices from my dick.....She liked it clean. I had Spit on her pussy She turned back and I again Inserted it in her . She was moving herself front and back. In and out.....flap flap...Flap.....saa[p....saap....saappp....ouuuspppp...ouuussppppp......yess please fuk me hard....deep in me....ahhh.....ahh........oh.......I am Coming......please come Inside me.........please deepp.....i have never enjoyed this much in life....aghhhhh....adeeepp....come on......come inside me.......ahhh....uuuu...ahhhhh....AJy.......Ohhhh Aisha.....I am Coming;.........Take it in it it coemes.......andd yessss.s.s...s.s..ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! HHHMMmmmmm>>>>

I cam e inside her....she was still moaning.....and i released it in her.....She was on bed.....spreading her arms.....and fingering her pussy.....I liked it again...I liked my juices from her pussy and made its saliva in my mouth and spitted it in her mouth She Drank it all...and we kissed like that.... She was Sore in her pussy. She was satisfied.After half an hour I asked her to allow me to fuck her inn hae ass....She said we can do it tomorrow....I agained fucked her in the shower...for 10 minutes by putting her on wall Support and inserting from the back...My Shower fuck Fantasy came true....We fucked like that Again for 15 minutes...she was moaning....With cold water splashing her HOT body....and aaahhh...uhhhhh...aaaaajjjjaaayyyyyyyy!!!! fuccccckkkkk meeee haaaarrrrddddd...I will Diiiieieeeeee.....Please fuck me hads....I am Bitch.....ooohhhh Uuuuushhhhshuuu OUWW ouwww ouwww Ahhhh....And She came and all her Hot Pussy Juices were on my cock....She again Licked my Cock and its tip with her tongue on it...

Then we both were out of the shower Dried our selves. Took One Beer Each and had a Smoke, And Slept together naked.....

Ahhh What a night that was.....Hey Friends, This was one of my fantasy. More to come soon. Fantasies come out of Frustrations, So they are always similar to a live sex session. Please have your words of suggestions at I am always happy to make more friends to have FUN filled life. Good bye till then. Looking forward to your Comments and suggestions.

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