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Fucking Keerthi In Flat

Writer: Sexy

Hey Guys this is “Safeinn – name changed” I am Good looking Guy with 6 ½ inch Cock … this is my first story over here in DesiPapa .. Been a fan for DesiPapa from long time..Girls & Aunts if interested .. mail me -

This story is about my team mate Keerthi & she is one of the amazing babe in my company.. those soft 34d breasts.. smooth 28 waist.. and 38 butt... woowiee... just irresistible... but the worst part is.. She’s too homely.. if anyone see for the first time they will surely have a good opinion on her …… but I used to masturbate thrice a day thinking of her…

Let’s get into story don’t wanna kill your precious …. We are into different projects … I saw her first time on the floor and I got bulge in my pants … ohhh duck god she was on Chuuudi … after that for 3 weeks I didn’t see her .. Thought she left company … but finally I saw her in canteen when I was abt to grab my lunch…. And enquired with one of my friend & got that she is seated in the same floor where I do….. one day suddenly there was Physical moment of systems to every project .. By luck or god grace she got her system opp to mine in same cubical which is attached …. The very next day she offered me some sweets and I asked whats special .. she told its her B day … I wished and took 1 sweet and asked her that I need chocolates .. and party .. that was the greatest day in life …. We exchanged Internal chat messenger ids and started chatting with all her details enquiring that she has boy friend and her family status…

Day by day we are getting so close … I thought of taking her some place where we can have some privacy …. One of my friends flat was available for rent .. so I planned to take her to that flat and start some  …. At 5 pm I pinged her .. first she didn’t accept but later I told I am going to buy that flat lets have a look … she accepted …. We went there in my bike … on the way it started raining for 10 min and stopped … so she was feeling very cold ….. and she put her hands on my shoulder … her boobs were touching …. I am going mad …we went to flat by taking keys from watchman and had a look it was very big one she liked it …..

After some time she asked me how much its gonna cost I said itz 35 L and there was silence for 5 mins …… I was really hot looking at her boobs, and thinking about how to start. Finally I mustered all my courage and asked her casually if she has kissed anybody before, she gave me a smile and said “Yes” I tried kissing with one guy in college once. Her smile gave me the courage to again ask her if she was interested to try it again. I was shocked by what she said next. She said that she was waiting for this moment from the day I started taking to her.. I got mad and went and kissed her for 5 mins ….. and hugged her tightly for some time …. Went to main door and closed and came back to room where we are …. And she was seeing me like romantically…… all of sudden power was gone then I went to her and hugged her again… she kissed me for the first time….. after 1 hr if kissing and hugging we left that place … because I don’t want to do that on that day….

Finally on one day I was feeling sick and didn’t go to office .. she called me and enquired and asked me is ther any one to take care of U … replied no …. Then she told me that she will come to my flat and stay with me… I said don’t worry but she insisted me… I told yah pls come and guided her how to come to my flat …. This is her First time she came to my flat … and she got surprised …. Becoz I maintain it very good…. I love video games so a play station with LED was fixed in my bighall ……She tried to play for some time and got bored and came to me and asked pls take rest for some time ….. hmm I under stood signal and passed into bed room .. She slept beside me.. And watching me … I told her U r looking dam sexy …. She geve a romantic smile and told her that I wanna sleep on her lap… she agreed and my head was on her lap and I was keeping my hand on her tummy …. It was very smoothe (fuck it was like dam milkiiii skin she got) ……

I rubbed for some time and kept my other hand on boobs and started caressing & slowly pressing them …. She started mooning….. Uhhhh uHHHHh uhhhhhh ……..and told me that she is feeling V good … its very good and my cock was like a Jack rocket which became like a rod ……………. She kept her hand into my shots and holded my cock …… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh god……. Its like heaven for me … becoz this is first time some one is touching my cock …….. we were bold ummmmmm. , I took her in my arms, and started kissing & licking all over her face. Then slowly I removed her top. She was wearing a white bra, and her breasts were so big, that they were just ready to jump out. I then removed her black bra and started touching her breasts and nipples, she had very big nipples also. I then licked her down her neck to the breasts and started licking them all over, she started moaning. I took my time licking her all over from the neck to her stomach, then I inserted my tongue in her navel and she started enjoying it still better and moaning loudly.

All this time we were standing, then I pulled a chair and sat on it and made her sit on my lap with her back to me, and started pressing her breasts from behind as if I were kneading dough. She was really enjoying it….. I slowly removed the knot of her chudis ….. and I was doing it very rudelyyy …

I made her stand up. I then pulled her chuddi trouser down. She was wearing a Black panty. I removed her panty, it was like a jungle, she had lot of hair (thought that she has not shaved from past 2 year). I was not sure if all this was happening to me in reality, or was I dreaming . I then made her lie down and got on top of her and started licking her face like dog …….

I put my hands on her crotch and it was soooo wet. Put my middle finger and gave her jerk twice by rounding my finger inside & I sat down on my knees and smelt her pussy. It had a very funny smell that made my already hard cock tear against my trouser, started licking around pussy … was making good sound while licking she was dam enjoying the things what all I do ….. kept my tongue in her hole and licked very forcefully and I was drinking all her juices which comes from her not left even a single drop … did this for half an hour .. she cummed twice and

Meanwhile, I then tried to put my dick in her hole, but it didn’t go. I tried it but peak went in she was shouting like hell and asked me to not to push then again I started licking her from top to bottom, her face, her neck, her breasts, her navel, her thighs and her legs. I then asked her do u wanna see heaven or hell. She replied heaven … and told me handle it carefully becoz she was feeling pain I took her hand and placed it on my cock, and held her hand and started shaking it. And she guided it to hole and I slowly inserted peak and was kissing her and pressing boobs like a rubber balls … she was in dam mood and I pushed a little inside …. She opened her eye widely and I kissed her and moving like a rock music … she started enjoying and feeling sweaty and slowly inserted my full erected cock and banged like dog and and making sounds like hell ….. hooooo hoooo ummmmmmmmm ummmmmmm ….

Then after 5 min I have changed position to doggy style and was pressing boobs hardly and fucking her like a street dog ………. She cummed inside again and I was feeling that ….. it was very softly going or moving inside …. I loved it and when I was banging her it sounded like dhap.. dhapp… dhappp.. and that sound made me go madly and finally I cummed in after 25 mins …… and slept beside her for 1 hr and we did it in various positions for the whole day …… she slept with me that day and from next day we went to office …… we met every weekend and enjoyed like husband and wife ……. and finally she got changed to my project and we had lots of fun in office too.

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