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Bhabhi Enjoyed Fucking Of Her Lifetime

Writer: Gajab

Hi guys, this is Gary from Delhi. I am 33 years old and have shared intimate moments with a few women including my bhabhi, neighbourhood aunts, and a couple of girlfriends so far but the best fuck I had was with my bhabhi. This was around 3 years back. My cousin Salil and his wife Tarika (names changed) used to stay at Nagpur. They got married, when I was just 18 years old when I saw first time my bhabhi, I was stunned with her beauty.

She isn't very fair, but has a bit dusky complexion with deep brown eyes that made her look even sexier. She is around 5'5" in height and a dick raising figure of 34 28 32 and her boobs are perfect mango shaped and no man worth his manhood can take his eyes off those sexy globes. I was quite smitten by her cute smile and voluptuous body and used to masturbate thinking about her, whenever I went to their place during my first visit only.

I had made up my mind to make love to her and was looking out for a chance always. Needless to say, I couldn't get the chance for first six months after their marriage, as my cousin is also a man and was having giving her a good time every night. One day I got a chance to get close to my bhabhi. I had been to Nagpur for my engineering admissions. I reached at their place in the afternoon, when Salil has gone to his shop (he has a business) and my darling Bhabhi was alone at home.

I was quite happy (and aroused) to see that my bhabhi was alone at home. We started chatting I asked her and how was their married life. To this Tarika bhabhi replied well, I winked and told her Salil bhai is a very lucky man and must be having an amazing time with you. She gave a naughty smile and replied not much now days. Salil is too busy in his shop and works till late every night so no amazing time", with a little stress on the word 'time.

I could sense my chances now and knew if I played my cards correctly, I can make love to my dream lady. I again looked at her from top to bottom with lots of thirst in my eyes and said to her Bhabhi, you know what?

Bhabhi: What?

I: Nothing, forget it

Bhabhi: No tell me you were about to say something about me and I know.

I: Bhabhi you are one sexy woman and I don't know how come Salil can resist making love to you. It is almost impossible for any man to stay away from you"

Bhabhi smiled naughtily again and said hhhhmmm, seems my devarji has grown up now. I looked deeply in her eyes and replied: what to do and I have such a hot, gorgeous and sexy bhabhi.

Bhabhi said tum sirf bade hi nahi, naughty bhi ho gaye ho aur itne pyar se aankhon mein aankh daal kar baat karoge toh koi bhi ladki pat jaayegi and started laughing. I asked bhabhi, sach mein, koi bhi pat jaayegi? She replied yes, I was on the seventh sky hearing this and knew that I have made my inroads to Bhabhi's heart and body after that Bhabhi asked me to spend some time watching TV and went to take a bath. I was sitting in her bedroom only watching TV and suddenly.

I got an idea to try my luck. I went to the washroom which had a common partition with the bathroom. The doors were old and there was some space between both the doors. I sat on my knees and started watching her through the gap what a sight it was Tarika Bhabhi was bathing, only with her panties on. Water was trickling down her globes to her sexy navel and she was looking a sex goddess that time and her silky smooth thighs with soap on them had me zapped completely.

I had seen quite a few topless women in the porn movies till then but guys, watching women in her panties in front of you is the most exciting sights I have ever experienced. My dick was erupting like a volcano out of my jeans. This was the first time I had seen naked boobs in my life. I kept enjoying the scene till it was difficult for me to remain in sitting down position (for obvious reasons) to give some space to my dick and I stood up and while standing my head hit a tap which was situated just above me and knowing what I was doing.

I could not scream in pain but still with all the control a small aah came out of my mouth and I am sure, Bhabhi had heard it. I was shit scared and immediately came back to the bedroom and started watching TV after 5 min, Tarika bhabhi came wearing a knee length skirt and a towel wrapped around her upper body. I wanted to enjoy that beautiful sight, when a sexy lady comes out of bathroom, with a glowing, soft look on her body and the fragrance of shampoo and soap but I could not dare to look at her, since I knew she had caught me.

I just got off the bed and started going out of the bedroom telling her Bhabhi, aap taiyaar ho jao, main baahar wait karta hoon and then what she did was completely surprising. She asked me naughtily mere pyare devarjee, baahar jaane ki ki zaroorat nahi hai idhar aao aur apni bhabhi ki madad karo. I looked at her with a question mark on my face. To this, she just turned her back towards me, and removed her towel and asked mujhse ye bra ka hook nahi lag raha please laga do naa.

She gave a naughty look to me over her shoulders and I was shocked and told bhabhi, how can I? And before I could finish asking she replied quickly Abhi 5 minute pehle toh bade maze se dekh rahe the mujhe ab idhar aakar hook lagaate ho yaan shikaayat karoon tumhari Salil se? I had no option but to do what she wanted my God! When I saw her sexy back, I was getting out of my control while taking the hooks in my hands, my hands started trembling it was the first time.

I was watching a semi topless lady in front of me and trying to control myself at the same time. I knew if I lose this chance, I will lose it completely so, again I told her, "Bhabhi, You are really a stunner wish I had met you 3 years back, before your marriage. She asked why? I told her and I would have proposed to you and made your my girlfriend. To this, she simply turned around (with the hook still not on and the bra just covering her boobs and said aur main jaise tumhari girfriend ban jaati!

I could not take my eyes off her gleaming boobs, but still with lots of efforts, I looked in her eyes deeply and said tumhi ne to kaha thodi der pehle, ki koi bhi pat jaayegi and then don't know what happened, I just stepped ahead and was standing very close to her and we could hear each other's breath as both were breathing heavily and I slowly took another step and just hugged her and told yes bhabhi, I love you right from the day of your marriage and always fantasized about you.

She just told me you talk a lot sometimes it is not necessary you need to act also and then there was no stopping. We kissed each other passionately. I inserted my tongue in her mouth and explored her tongue completely. She shivered, when our tongues met and then she took my hands and put it on her boobs. I just took off her half open bra and started pressing her boobs with my hands. I have not experienced such soft, spongy mounds in my hands before and my dick was throbbing at that second in a minute.

Both of us helped each other take off the clothes (she was not wearing many of them anyways) and then I pulled her on the bed and went on top of her. She was moaning with pleasure, when I was licking her boobs and giving soft bites on her nipples. She went mad with pleasure. So did I then I inserted my finger in her pussy and fingered her for a while needless to say, my mouth was still enjoying her boobs and nipples. She released a lot of fluid and started moaning oohhh dear fuck me get your tool down there and ram me.

I am all yours fuck me hard! Hearing these words, I could not control any longer and inserted my rock hard tool in her pussy and started ramming her as I gained pace, Bhabhi also started getting wilder and kept screaming in broken sentences with pleasure fuck me hard aaaahhhh fuck me. I ended up by shooting a load full of semen in her pussy and we kept lying in each other's arms for a while after that I just got two more chances to make love with my darling bhabhi then I got admission in Eng college and I had to leave to Chandigarh from where my sex life took off like a plans but anyways.

Those stories in next write up trust me guys, fucking a lady, just after she has taken a bath is best time one can ever have. The semi wet body, the softness in the skin, the fragrance of the body all makes a man crazy and till now, I had sex experiences with a number of ladies, but this was my first and the best experience! I still like having a good time with ladies and do get lot of chances, as I travel quite a lot on work. If any of you sweet ladies is interested, please let me know on my email id I would love to give you a good time as well and have a nice time.

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